5 Steps to Deal with Your Partner's Loss of Libido

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


A loss of libido is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, affecting up to 45% of women. It is a frustrating and embarrassing time for many who suffer with it and is therefore something that needs to be dealt with in a sensitive manner.You should support your partner.

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This symptom is one that affects the couple; you should support your partner if she has experienced a loss of sexual drive and help increase her libido, so read on to find out more about how to help your partner to overcome loss of libido.


Be supportive and talk about it

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Do not be afraid to talk about the situation.Unfortunately, there is no easy way to approach this subject. For most women, it is a distressing period because they can't understand why they no longer feel the need or desire to be sexually active with their partner. Therefore, it is important that you are understanding and supportive. Realize that it is happening because of an imbalance of hormones which occurs naturally during menopause. Do not be afraid to talk about the situation. Avoiding the topic will only make the situation more frustrating for both of you.


Create a stress-free environment

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Create a stress-free environment.Simple solutions can often make big differences. Kind gestures will reduce your partner's stress levels, make her more relaxed, and therefore help combat loss of libido. Run your partner a bath, treat her to massages, do more of the housework, and spend more quality time with her. In relationships, it is important to repair your intimate connection before improving your sex life, so spending time together and being intimate will help your partner feel   more passionate.


Exercise together

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An exercise pattern can help treat loss of libido.To help combat the loss of sexual drive, it is important that stress and anxiety are dealt with head-on because these emotions have a negative effect on libido. As well as making alterations within your relationship, perhaps suggest that she make other lifestyle changes to coincide with the stress-free lifestyle she has at home.

An exercise pattern can help treat loss of libido. It has been scientifically proven that exercise can reduce menopausal symptoms. Perhaps suggest to your partner that you exercise together. Yoga is an effective form of exercise because it increases flexibility, increases blood flow to the pelvic area, and relaxes the mind, but aerobics, biking, and stretching can be just as beneficial, particularly as they can increase energy levels, which are vital for a high libido. Do these together, to ease pressure your partner may feel.


Compliment often

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Compliment your partner and make her feel more attractive.A low sex drive is just one of the symptoms that a woman may be coping with, and other symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain will all be having a negative effect on her self-image. Compliment your partner and make her feel more attractive.


Suggest alternative treatments

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There are herbal remedies that can reverse these effects, but you must be more cautious about suggesting these because you don't want to appear too forceful. If you know that your partner wants to find a solution, suggest a herbal treatment. Alternative treatments are relatively cost effective and risk free but shouldn't be used for a prolonged period of time.

More Information about Loss of Libido

The severity of this problem can vary massively from person to person and quite often won't need to be treated until it is actually perceived as a problem for the couple. However, when this time comes, there are several ways to prevent or minimize its effects.

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