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Welcome to MenopauseNow!

Thank you for making us your go-to menopausal portal. You can count on us to offer you reliable information to help you unravel the complexity of the menopausal transition in order to make the best decisions about your health.

Who We Are?

At MenopauseNow, we are an inquisitive crowd of medical reviewers, scientific researchers, biologists, journalists, and other talented professionals, all united by one goal: equipping women like you with the right tools to make smart and safe choices concerning your health.

Even though you might not have control of hormonal changes occurring in your body during menopause, our dedicated team strives to show you that you surely do have control of how you will deal with them!.

Mission and Goals

In 2004, we designed this portal for menopausal women like you with the goal to provide you with useful, reliable resources and empower you to take control over your menopausal transition.

  • We stay up-to-date with current clinical research and present the latest findings in a simple and easily comprehensible way.
  • We invite you to deepen your knowledge about your body and the natural changes that occur at this life stage.
  • We give you in-depth information about each of the common symptoms during the menopausal transition.
  • We offer you scientific data on all treatment methods, while gently encouraging you to explore natural and non-invasive approaches to address your menopausal needs.

Equipped with that knowledge, you will quickly realize that menopause doesn't have to mean the end of anything... but rather, the beginning of a new and empowered you!

Main Staff and Contributors

Our extensive portal is the fruit of 15 years of passionate and dedicated work of many talented professionals from numerous disciplines, including medicine, biology, journalism, graphic design, project management, and more!

Noelina Rissman
Noelina R. Senior Writer & Expert Journalist by education, she writes versatile and scientifically-backed content regarding women’s health.
Fiorella Magan
Fiorella M. Senior Writer & Expert Over the last two decades, she’s used writing to express her passion for science and lend women a helping hand.
Laura Miske
Laura M. Senior Writer & Expert As a creative writer, she has played an integral part in the success story of our comprehensive portal.
Lucia Falcon
Lucia F., MD Medical Reviewer Medical doctor specialized in preventative and occupational medicine.
Brenda Gamboa
Brenda G., MD Medical Reviewer General practitioner specialized in aesthetic medicine and women’s health.
Nicolas Viallet
Nico V. Project Manager With master’s degree in business, he smoothly runs all of our projects, web development, SEO, and more!
Agata Plachta
Agata P. Senior Writer & Editor As a trained biologist, she loves deciphering the science of human physiology and public health for our readers.
Julie Searle
Julie S. Senior Writer & Expert A food specialist by education, she offers women solid advice on improving health with nutrition.
Regina Santamaría
Regina S. Graphic Designer Talented designer of online graphic content and frontend developer of our portal.
Gina Avalos
Gina A. Graphic Designer A resourceful and original graphic artist whose designs never cease to impress.
Gina Cronin
Gina C. Associate Writer & Editor As an articulate and driven communications graduate, she exhibits talent and passion for writing.
Hannah Rudd
Hannah R. Associate Writer & Editor A promoter of an environmentally friendly life, her writing ignites that passion with our readers.
Samantha Schloskey
Samantha S. Associate Writer & Editor Experienced writer who loves producing content on various aspects of women's health and wellness.
Sarah Eucalano
Sarah E. Associate Writer & Editor With strong interest in women’s health and natural medicine, she offers our readers great and useful content.

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