Tips for Dealing with Complete Loss of Libido

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Loss of libido is an embarrassing and stressful symptom of menopause. Alongside hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods it is one of the most common complaints. Often a domino effect of other signs and symptoms, many people seek advice for dealing with the complete loss of libido. Half of all women, and nearly a quarter of men, report it at some stage of their life, though it is important to remember that everybody experience peaks and troughs in their sexual relationships.


We've all heard of eating raw oysters and chocolate to spice things up a notch, but what about the unsung heroes which may revitalize your libido?

Tips for Dealing with Complete Loss of Libido

Asparagus is great for increasing testosterone production, which is crucial to a good sex life for women and men.

Eggs balance hormones and reduce stress. Stress makes sex seem like a chore, though this can be easily managed.

Tips for Dealing with Complete Loss of Libido

Avocado and bananas are super foods that everybody should eat for a variety of reasons. Rich in vitamins, and in the case of avocados, healthy fats, they stimulate glands and aid in hormonal re-balance.

Fish is brilliant for getting that omega-3 boost that your body needs during menopause. Along with oysters, canned salmon, and tuna promote good body health.

Bedroom Tricks

By rekindling the passion with romantic nights or exciting nights out, you will increase your sexual desire naturally. In the bedroom, you could look into experimenting with foreplay and stimulants. These approaches will increase blood flow and sensitivity in the genital area. Don't be embarrassed to try something different. Plus, lubrication will aid sex, especially if you are suffering from vaginal dryness.

Go to the Gym

Tips for Dealing with Complee Loss of Libido

Going to the gym and doing weight training is widely thought to boost libido during menopause. Increasing testosterone whilst also pumping more blood around the body will improve self-image and sexual desire.

Address Your Body Image

Tips for Dealing with Complete Loss of Libido

Many menopausal women feel that their looks have changed because of menopause. Although this often isn't true, it helps some women to get a new look or change their image. If you've always wanted to go blonde or fancy manicured nails then give it a whirl. Many women find that making slight changes to their appearance boost self-confidence and increase sexual desire.

Be Socially Active

Some menopausal women retreat from social activity as the transition approaches and is in full swing. Don't. Being stuck in a social rut is never beneficial, so get on the phone to a friend, check out that new coffee shop or just engage with somebody. Being more active socially will boost confidence and feelings of self-worth and can increase libido.

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