Helpful Tips for Regaining Lost Libido

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Menopause can be a difficult transition. Not only do women suffer from a myriad of symptoms, such as fatigue, hot flashes, and mood swings, many women will experience a loss of libido. Even though menopause can be an extremely difficult time for a woman, it can also be very hard for her partner in many ways. However, there are things you can do to increase your sex drive. Learn more about how to regain your lost libido.

A menopausal woman can feel lonely, but talking to someone can ease the burden and reduce anxiety

How to Rediscover Your Lost Libido

Relationships are tough, and they can be tougher when one important component is missing: sex. Sex is a normal and healthy part of a relationship, which keeps couples close and intimate. Menopause can make a woman feel a lack of desire for sex, which is a common occurrence. However, failing to address a loss of libido could negatively impact her relationship with her partner. Below you will find some ideas for regaining lost libido during menopause.

Consider your lifestyle choices

Menopause may not be the only reason for loss of libido. Drug and alcohol consumption can play a large factor in decreasing sex drive. Cutting back on drinking and eliminating illegal substances can help you restore your sex drive.

Eat a balanced diet

Sometimes, a menopausal woman's fatigue may interfere with her sex drive. Implementing healthy eating habits with plenty of protein and vegetables could give you more energy. This will not only improve your overall health, but it can increase your sex drive over time.


Exercise will not only help restore your energy, it can increase your production of serotonin and endorphins, which improve mood. These changes, along with increasing your self-confidence, can help increase your libido.

Talk to someone

The physical and emotional changes women experience during menopause can take their toll. Fortunately, seeking support can go a long way toward improving your overall well-being. By talking to a friend or a medical professional about what you're going through, you can find the emotional support you need, which will improve your overall quality of life. The positive shift in your mood may naturally increase your libido over time.

For More Information about Lost Libido

Understanding that loss of libido is a common occurrence for menopausal women is an important first step in treating your symptoms. With these tips, you can take the first step in restoring your libido, which can positively impact your relationship with your partner.

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