3 Oils to Reduce Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

By Noelina R. | Updated: Jul 23, 2019


In the years prior to menopause, imbalances of the hormones estrogen and progesterone cause a woman's vaginal tissues to become thin, lose elasticity, and secrete less moisture. This creates a sensation of dryness, which often comes with pain and itchiness. Luckily, managing vaginal dryness is easy with household oils for proper lubrication, hydration, and nourishment of the vaginal tissues.

Continue reading to learn about some oils for vaginal dryness so that you no longer feel distracted by the pain or itchiness in day-to-day life.

3 Oils to Reduce Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Natural Oils for Vaginal Dryness

You do not have to spend a fortune on expensive creams and medication. Try applying these herbal oils for vaginal dryness for instant relief while boosting vaginal health:


Coconut oil

The phenolic compounds and fatty acids in coconut oil are lubricating and hydrating to the vaginal tissues to relieve dryness instantly. Coconut oil is antibacterial and an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin E to stimulate the natural secretion of moisture in the vaginal tissues and soothe irritations. The oil is also colorless, which makes it a discreet solution and one of the best oils for vaginal dryness.


Olive oil

Like coconut oil, olive oil is a lubricant for instant dryness relief, and it's rich in antioxidant vitamin E for long-term vaginal health. The phenolic compounds in olive oil, including hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, have a moisturizing effect on the genital tissues. Olive oil is also a staple in most people's kitchens, making it a convenient, go-to natural oil for vaginal dryness.


Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed is member of the species Linum usitatissimum, and the oil extracted from the seeds is a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens. This is great for nourishing the vaginal tissues while the oil itself acts as a natural lubricant for dryness. Flaxseed's polyunsaturated fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory abilities, which can help reduce any pain, redness, and swelling.


Vaginal dryness is not something that a woman should suffer with for any great length of time. Aforementioned oils for vaginal dryness provide a natural, efficient solution to the condition while gently nourishing and boosting genital health. This means you can enjoy a pain-free, uninhibited sex life with your partner and go about your daily routine without undermining your comfort or your confidence.

Likewise, there are a variety of natural and effective vaginal dryness treatments that will not only combat vaginal discomforts, but allay other menopausal symptoms. Click on the previous link to learn more.

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