6 Simple Steps to Help Relieve Vaginal Irritation

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


When it comes to finding home remedies for vulvar itching and burning, it often depends on what is causing that vulvar irritation and redness. For those going through menopause, this feminine itch is often caused by vaginal dryness, a result of decreasing estrogen levels.

Continue reading to learn some steps that women can take to relieve general irritation and improve vaginal health to finally stop itching down there.

6 Simple Steps to Help Relieve Vaginal Irritation

Check your underwear

External vulvar itching can be provoked by improper underwear. Make sure to purchase new underwear every six months. Also, choose underwear that fits comfortably and is 100% cotton, avoiding nylon. Try to avoid thongs, G-strings, and other tight-fitting undergarments, which may evoke further irritation.


Use lubricants and moisturizers

Try an over-the-counter lubricant to reduce friction during sex. If you are looking for a more natural lubricant option, oils such as olive or almond oil are often used. You can also apply vaginal moisturizers on a regular basis. They are absorbed into the vaginal tissue to help create moisture in the area and deter any vulvar irritation and redness.


Find a feminine hygiene product

Choose feminine hygiene products that are 100% cotton and suitable to your lifestyle for optimal comfort. For example, some women prefer to wear tampons when exercising since pads can cause external vulvar itching. More alternatives are coming to the market as well, such as menstrual cups. Without a doubt, no matter the product, practice proper hygiene and change them out frequently.


Don't douche

Douching, washing inside the vagina, is not necessary since the vagina naturally cleans itself. Douching can actually cause or worsen irritation by upsetting the pH level of the vagina and stripping away its natural oils, which are necessary to maintain moisture and natural vaginal flora.


Use cortisone cream or ointments

Cortisone is often recommended as a medicine for itching in private parts, primarily treating irritation and inflammation. Cortisone can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy or be given by prescription at the doctor's office. Follow the instructions listed on the package, or its effectiveness will be minimal.


See a doctor

Vaginal irritation is often straightforward and easy to treat with the help of a doctor. Although the symptom can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about, there is nothing shameful about seeking treatment. Your physician can help you find a medication, cream, or herbal supplement to relieve vaginal dryness and, thus, any vaginal irritation.

Key Takeaways

While many women will experience vaginal irritation to varying degrees of severity, it's important to take the appropriate steps to lessen the irritation. Tips such as checking your underwear to include cotton fabrics; using lubricants, moisturizers, proper feminine hygiene products, or cortisone; and not douching can cause a world of difference. Also, seek treatment by visiting a doctor to determine the underlying cause of your vulvar irritation and redness. Relieving this discomforting symptom once and for all starts with initiative and ends with vaginal health.

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