Enhancing Female Libido

By Sarah H. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


During the onset of menopause, and in the time after, many women will suffer from symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. Enhancing female libido can be important for a woman during this time, as sex drive can decrease for several reasons related to menopause.

Low libido can be a problem even before menopause, but it often worsens during this stage of life. To enhance libido, it is vital to understand the reasons, symptoms, and treatments for the problem. Read on to find out more about enhancing female libido.

What Is Female Libido?

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Generally speaking, libido is the psychoanalytic word used to describe sexual desire and links to behavior, thoughts, and physical sensations. Most people have a relatively stable level of sexual desire, but libido can decrease during certain times due to a variety of mental and physical factors.

Females are more likely than males to have a sexual desire disorders, and there are many reasons for this. A hormonal imbalance during menopause can lead to loss of libido, but there can also be a domino effect caused by other menopause symptoms that leads to a lack of sex drive.

Symptoms and Factors in Losing Libido

There are many ways that a loss of sexual desire can occur. Relationship issues are one example, but in general, menopause is the most significant factor affecting a women's libido.

Factors and symptoms associated with menopause that can lead to low libido include:

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  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Negative body image
  • Lifestyle
  • Medications

It is useful to consider the common saying "healthy mind, healthy body," and by maintaining a healthy mind, you can help your body function properly. Hormone levels can be disrupted during menopause, and these hormones play an important part in normal bodily functions, including healthy libido. Read on to discover how to enhance female libido.

Treatments to Enhance Female Libido

Herbal remedies, diet, and exercise are ways a woman can go about enhancing her libido. Here are some suggestions:

  • Physical exercise. Daily exercise releases neurotransmitters that lower stress and increase libido while helping to clear the mind.

  • Herbal remedies. Using a hormone-regulating herbal supplement like Macafem can nourish hormone glands naturally and restore hormonal balance, which will contribute towards enhancing libido.

  • Hormone creams. Sometimes, a loss of libido is caused by vaginal dryness, which is another symptom of menopause. Using hormone creams involves applying the treatment directly to the area, which increases sensitivity and improves sexual experience.
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Other treatment options are available, though it is important to try natural, non-invasive methods first. If these prove ineffective, a woman may wish to discuss further treatment options with her doctor.

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