4 Beauty Treatments to Restore Your Lost Libido

By Sarah H. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

4 Beauty Treatments to Restore Your Lost Libido1

So, you are going through the difficult phase of loss of libido during menopause, you feel like your sex drive is plummeting and you don't know what to do. First of all, don't fret, and remind yourself that you are not the only menopausal woman who is experiencing this. In fact, most menopausal women experience a loss of libido.

The following is a list of some quick and simple beauty treatments that will help restore the flame in your relationship, keep you and your man happy, and leave you feeling and looking like a new woman.


Get a New Hairdo

4 Beauty Treatments to Restore Your Lost Libido2

A new haircut will give you a new perspective on life.It may sound simple, but just getting a new haircut has the power to give you a new perspective on life. When you look in the mirror you won't see the same woman as before, and it will give you a quick shot of confidence that may well prove effective in boosting your sex drive.


Get a Mani and Pedi

This little treat will give you some time to yourself to reflect on your life while being pampered. When you leave the salon, you will feel fresh, young and ready for anything. There is nothing like kicking off your sandals and admiring your fierce red toenails to make you feel hot. If you can't afford to go get your nails professionally done, head to the nearest drug store and pick up a home manicure kit so you can do it yourself.


Get a Massage

4 Beauty Treatments to Restore Your Lost Libido3

A massage is marvelous and makes you feel ready for a sexy night at home.Not only will a massage feel amazing, but it will also give you quiet time alone to think about your life and desires. You may find that simply relaxing and enjoying the massage will help restore libido. You could even continue the feeling at home by buying some scented massage oil and surprise your husband with a hot massage to get both of you in the mood.


Get a Bikini Wax

For some women, having a bikini wax is a quick and easy way to feel sexy and fresh. Your husband may approve too! After your wax, you could even buy a new pair of underwear to reignite the spark between you and your husband.

Knowing how to get your libido back is important, and may be achieved by setting aside time to pamper yourself. If you want to learn more about treatments to restore loss of libido click on the following link.

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