Top 4 Tips to Lose Weight

By Amy S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Losing weight can be tricky during menopause, given that metabolism often slows down with age, cravings intensify, and there is seemingly unexplainable weight gain. It can be upsetting and discouraging to see such changes in your body, and it may make you feel a bit self-conscious. It is important to remember that there are always safe, healthy, and effective ways to lose weight.

Top 4 tips to lose weight

Healthy Snacking

When you snack on chips, cookies, and crackers, you may not be actually hungry, but rather just filling idle time. The added calories, fat, and sugar - whether from boredom or a random craving - can be a large contributor to weight gain.

Instead, see this as the perfect time to get a serving of fruit! The recommended daily intake is two cups, so that's plenty of snacking to keep you going healthfully. Tangerines, pieces of cantaloupes, and berries are great snacks that help you get the nutrients your body needs. If you want a savory snack, a handful of mixed nuts with dried fruit is energizing and filling.


Portion Control

The main issue behind weight gain is not always what you eat, but how much. Restaurant portions are getting bigger and bigger and redefining what people believe to be a normal meal. One trick is to serve dinner on salad plates, as this size is suitable for an entire meal. For example, a serving of meat is only supposed to be the size of the palm of your hand, while your rice or pasta serving should not be larger than the size of tennis ball. Your side of veggies should be baseball-sized.


Fun Exercise

There is no way around this. If you are immobile throughout the day, it is much harder to lose weight. Even so, you do not need to spend two hours at the gym every day to see results. Around 40 minutes of cardio daily is more than enough to get you into a positive routine. You can make it fun, too. Go swimming, go for a bike ride, or even dance around your house. If you want to tone your body and improve your mindset, try yoga. A yoga session will strengthen your body, make you more flexible, and induce relaxation.


Herbal Remedies

Although there is no herb out there that will magically make you lose weight, certain herbs - such as guarana, green tea, and ginkgo - can complement a healthy diet and exercise plan. Not only will green tea give you a boost of energy for remaining active, but it also contains powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are thought to help the body burn fat.

Guarana is also a stimulant that can improve mental function, athletic performance, and speed metabolism. If you want a caffeine-free alternative to these herbal remedies that will improve athletic endurance and mental clarity, go for ginkgo.

Losing weight does not need to be a frustrating and dreadful process when you keep these helpful tips in mind. When you eat the correct portion sizes, eat healthy snacks, and enjoy the exercise you do, you will begin to see your health and mindset change for the better. Keep motivated with these healthy tips!

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