4 Low Impact Exercises to Lose Weight

By Amy S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Exercising during menopause is important because the changes in your body may cause unwanted weight gain. Not only will exercise during menopause help you improve your self-esteem and shed pounds, it will also help you feel happier, reduce any hot flashes, and protect you heart as well. It is suggested that women between the ages of 30 and 50 exercise for around 3 hours each week. You can break this up to fit conveniently into your schedule.

4 Low Impact Exercises to Lose Weight


If you are a new to exercising, walking is a great (and free) place to start. Brisk walking for example, will introduce you to the benefits of physical activity for both the body and mind. One hour will burn up to 460 calories and help you feel healthier in general.

Fit the exercise in around your daily life by walking to the park, around the neighborhood, or to the store. If you can walk on the beach, even better, sand will add resistance, be easier on the knees, and burn additional calories.



This is a great exercise for those keen to shed pounds as just one hour of swimming laps can burn up to 730 calories. Additionally, every muscle group works when you swim, so you'll also benefit from a body that is toned from the practice.



If you're a music lover, this is the ultimate exercise for you. Turn on your favorite dance music and just move around to the beat. Do this for an hour and you will burn up to 460 calories. The more upbeat the song, the more you will dance.Multiply the benefits of this fun exercise by getting a loved one involved and enjoy the smiles and bonding it will bring.


Rowing Machine

Rowing machines offer an amazing full body workout. The exercise is a popular one because you can sculpt your entire body with little to no impact on your joints because of the incredibly smooth movement of the machine. You can burn 333 calories during a 45 minute row, so head to your local gym and give it a go.

Many women find themselves gaining weight during menopause because of changes to hormone levels and the affect this has on the body. However, relief from this particular symptom is one of the easiest and most accessible to obtain. Instead of driving to work, take a walk, rather than going to the cinema with friends, go to the swimming pool together. The benefits of exercise will not only be felt around the midriff but also in your overall well-being. Menopausal weight gain is not inevitable, so stay in control and feel empowered to reverse it.

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