Which Exercises Can I Try to Combat My Vaginal Dryness?

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Vaginal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, leading to discomfort, itching, and pain during sex. But before turning to pharmaceutical measures, women may look to lifestyle changes to combat the symptom, including exercises. Continue reading to find out which exercises you can try to combat your vaginal dryness alongside management and treatment options for optimal relief.

exercises for vaginal dryness

Exercises for Vaginal Dryness

Regularly exercising the vagina can prevent or reverse the effects of vaginal dryness and atrophy, a condition that develops when the vaginal tissues become thinner, drier, and less elastic.

Some popular exercises for vaginal health during menopause include yoga, Pilates, and Kegel exercises.

Yoga and Pilates poses can improve flexibility and increase blood flow to the pelvic area, naturally promoting sexual vitality and better arousal levels.

Likewise, Kegel exercises have also become renowned for their ability to stimulate blood circulation to the vagina, keeping tissues healthy and encouraging lubrication. Check out the facts about Kegel exercises.

Aerobic exercise can also help to reduce vaginal dryness, improve libido, and improve self-image, not to mention the fact that it is a fundamental part increasing overall strength and fitness levels.

However, make sure to shower and change clothing shortly after working out since sweat can cause dampness in the groin area, leading to infections can that agitate vaginal dryness.

Managing and Treating Vaginal Dryness

Many women choose to first try over-the-counter vaginal lubricants to manage uncomfortable dryness; they can be applied directly to the vagina before sex in order to reduce friction. Vaginal moisturizers can also be purchased and applied regularly to add moisture to the vagina.

Moreover, both sexual intercourse and masturbation - with sex toys or by oneself - can help reduce vaginal dryness by increasing blood flow to the vagina, which increases natural moisture.

Usually, a combination of treatments is the best option for combating vaginal dryness. Click on the following link to learn about other natural and effective vaginal dryness treatments to start indulging in the benefits of having optimal vaginal health.

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