Nightwear for Night Sweats in Menopause

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


In order to get better sleep and reduce the severity of night sweats, it can be beneficial to change up the pajamas that you sleep in. Continue reading to find out some of the best sleepwear for night sweats during menopause to stop being robbed of a valuable night's sleep.

Nightwear for night sweats

The Right PJ Set

Avoid thick, cozy pajamas that cover the entire body as they can be too restrictive and make you warmer. Instead, choose pajama sets that have short sleeves and shorts. You may also consider wearing a nightgown.

The Right Fabric


Choose moisture-wicking fabrics quickly soak up moisture and draw water away from the skin and don't leave you wet and cold after a night sweat episode. In this way, your body is able to regulate its own temperature.


If you wear lightweight, breathable sleepwear for night sweats, you may be able to stay cooler during the night because they won't be pasted to your body. Also, sleeping without a bra can help increase air circulation.

The Right Footwear

If you feel the need to cover your feet, do so with lightweight pair of socks. Too warm of socks can cause the body to overheat because your heat will be retained more easily. Preferentially, let your feet be free.

Au Naturel

Sleeping in the nude ensures your body temperature stays stable, preventing you from overheating. If needed, try sleeping on a towel so that the sweat is absorbed, and have a spare one close by so you can swap your wet one for a dry one. This way, you won't have to change the sheets.

Advice on Preventing Night Sweats

Many lifestyle changes - such as sleeping in a cooler room, using lightweight sheets and pajamas made out of natural materials, keeping a cool glass of water on the nightstand, using a fan, and avoiding spicy foods before bedtime - can all help reduce night sweats.

Nevertheless, the best relief comes from targeting the underlying cause of hormonal imbalance with safe and effective night sweats treatments. Click on the previous link to find out more as the first step toward the satisfying sleep for which you've been yearning.

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