Best Bed Sheets for Night Sweats

By Noelina R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet from sweat ruins many women's beauty rest as well as their following day from insufficient sleep. Stop changing out sheets one after another, and pick a set of sheets designed for combatting the pesky symptom. Continue reading to learn more about the best bed sheets for night sweats to finally get some well-deserved rest.

Best bed sheets for night sweats

Best Bed Sheets for Night Sweats

Some of the best temperature-regulating bed sheets for night sweats are made out of the following materials:



Moisture-wicking bed sheets are created to draw water away from the skin, ultimately assisting you to regulate body temperature. They also dry quickly so that your sweat doesn't saturate the fabric and make you uncomfortable. In general, moisture-wicking fabrics are synthetic and made from polyester or nylon.




These natural, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating bed sheets are spun from the fibers of the bamboo plant, making them hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly, and soft to the touch. They keep you at a cool temperature when suffering from night sweats and prevent any unwanted odors, allergies, and skin irritations. They also have twice the absorbency of cotton.



Microfiber bed sheets dry more quickly than cotton or wool and are proven to wick away sweat from the body, leaving you dry, cozy, and comfortable throughout the night. Microfiber is generally made from a blend of polyester and polyamide (type of nylon). Sometimes, they also include small amounts of cotton. Another plus is that they are lightweight with a compact weave. 




Like bamboo, wool is a natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial option. The material is generally blended with other moisture-wicking fibers to help women struggling with night sweats regulate their temperature better. Dry wool fibers act by drawing sweat away from your skin and absorbing it into the structure. 

Additional Tips

Just as you change bed sheets for optimal comfort when suffering from night sweat episodes, you should change types of sleepwear as well. Wear pajamas made from wicking fabrics mentioned above, or even consider sleeping without clothes. Sleeping without pajamas can ensure proper regulation of body temperature.

You may also optimize the environment of your room. In addition to using bed sheets specifically designed for night sweats, maintain the room temperature at a cool level with a small fan by the bedside. You may also wish to keep a small towel beside you to dry off just in case.

Also, practice good habits to get the best sleep. Take a glass of water to bed to sip throughout the night, if need be. Also, avoid any spicy or sugar foods, alcohol, or caffeine at least a few hours before bedtime. These all can trigger night sweats.

By all means, avoid cotton sheets if suffering from night sweats. Even though cotton is breathable and doesn't irritate the skin, it is inefficient in drawing away moisture from your body and easily saturates with sweat. Even though you can find moisture-wicking cotton fabrics, they are not equivalent to synthetic moisture-wicking ones as well as wool.

If you still can't find relief using bed sheets for night sweats and when implementing these additional tips, consider pursuing night sweats treatments  to get right to the underlying cause.

Key Takeaways

Some of the best bed sheets for night sweats are those that help wick away moisture and regulate body temperature. Moisture-wicking and microfiber bed sheets, although synthetic, are famous for soaking up sweat and drying rapidly, letting you sleep throughout the night in comfort. On the other hand, for more natural options, consider bed sheets made with bamboo or wool for the same effects. For optimum results, take into account additional tips concerning sleepwear, your bedroom environment, and pre-bedtime habits. With a little initiative, you can get that ever-elusive sleep you've been yearning for.

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