Why Do I Have Mood Swings and What Can I Do?

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Menopause can be a very difficult time for many women. They can experience a myriad of different symptoms, ranging in degrees of frequency and severity, including mood swings. Due to their ability to negatively impact so many aspects of your life, mood swings can be one of the most difficult menopause symptoms to cope with. Read on to learn more about why mood swings occur during menopause and what you can do to manage them.

Why Do I Have Mood Swings and What Can I Do?

Mood Swings and Menopause

Hormones play a vital role in many bodily functions. Hormones let you know when you are in pain, hungry, or tired and they help to control sodium retention, fluid retention, and the menstrual cycle. However, when a hormonal imbalance occurs, such as during menopause, it can throw off many of these functions, triggering symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, and mood swings. Read on to learn how to manage your mood swings.

Calming Your Mood Swings

Mood swings can leave you feeling stressed, tense, and uptight. When a mood swing strikes, it can be a struggle to cope with day to day things, but there are several things that can help you to avert your mood swings.

The first thing step you should take in order to manage your mood swings is to implement positive changes to your lifestyle. Make sure you are getting at least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night. Getting enough exercise is also important for your overall health. Thirty minutes a day of physical activity five days a week is recommended. Eating properly can also reduce the severity of symptoms.

Cutting back on processed foods which are high in fat and sugar, while increasing your intake of protein, fiber, and grains, can help. If you find that these lifestyle changes do not help your situation then you could try herbal remedies or seek advice from your doctor for additional treatment options.

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