7 Herbal Supplements for Your Low Libido

By Gina C. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Low libido is easily one of the most upsetting symptoms of menopause. When you can't perform sexually the way that you used to, it can be depressing, stressful, and harm your quality of life. It may be difficult to talk it through with your partner, which can cause confusion and even frustration. The great part is that you won't need to do much explaining after incorporating one or more of these herbal supplements into your life. Each of these perform a special function for restoring sex drive and arousal. 

7 Herbal Supplements for Your Low Libido


Fennel supplements directly address the root cause for your low libido. Fennel is full of phytoestrogens, which replace lost estrogen during menopause. This herb has been used since Ancient Egyptian times by women experiencing menopausal hormonal shifts, and is embraced widely today for its medicinal compounds.


Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is an extremely popular North American shrub that is fantastic for a wide array of menopausal woes, loss of libido being one of them. This is another herb brimming with sex-supporting phytoestrogens, making it a valuable supplement to have around in desperate times. It is thought to improve sensitivity and lubrication in the vagina.



Cacao is just one of those herbs that makes you want to get it on. This is not only because of its seductive flavor - it goes deeper into its chemical properties. The phenylethylamine content inspires feelings of love and excitement, while theobromine increases joy-inducing serotonin. These compounds are all the more potent in cacao supplements.



If vaginal dryness is your cause for concern, garlic will help you out. This supplement is widely available and extremely effective for increasing circulation to the sex organs. This increased blood flow improves lubrication and sensitivity, making for a pleasurable experience.



Yohimbe, the bark of a West African tree, contains the powerful alkaloid yohimbine. This active compound, when combined with the amino acid L-arginine, cues centers of the brain to help stimulate arousal. The alkaloids also increase circulation to the vaginal area, improving feelings of arousal to the point of orgasm.



Many people do not realize just how much stress can interfere with their ability to become aroused. If your mind is full of worries and distractions, it will not encourage your body to respond to sexual contact. Damiana is considered to be one of the principal stress-reducing herbs due to its medicinal volatile oil.



Kava is a root from Hawaii and other Pacific islands, and it can also help you chill out. Consume this supplement in liquid, tablet, or gel cap form to enjoy its deeply tranquilizing effects. Once your nerves are settled, it relaxes your vaginal muscles for easier penetration.

Although low libido can be disheartening, you do not have to face it on your own. Herbal supplements can provide relief to both your mind and body, and strongly assist improved sexual performance. When you choose the right plant for your unique situation, you can enjoy sex again without disruption.

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