Alternative Flavorings for Women with Hot Flashes

By Sarah H. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Hot flashes are something that all people associate with menopause, the phase of a woman's life in which she transitions from fertility to infertility. This correlation is so familiar because it is the most common symptom of menopause. In fact, up to 70% of women suffer from these uncomfortable moments of intense heat, causing them to flush and sweat profusely. Woman can experience hot flashes for anywhere between 6 months and 15 years, and each woman's episodes will vary in severity and frequency.

How to Flavor Food without Using Hot Spices

Alternative Flavorings for Women with Hot Flashes1

If you are suffering from hot flashes, it is helpful to avoid eating spicy food. Spicy flavors, for some, are the most pleasurable and satisfying addition to meals, but making the sacrifice, or at least limiting your consumption of spice, is worth trying during menopausal hot flashes. Read on to find out what other spices can make your food just as tasty, without the heat.

Sweet Basil

Alternative Flavorings for Women with Hot Flashes2

This is one of the most popular culinary herbs and comes in leaf form. It is often used in Italian cooking, but should only be added to food at the very last moment, otherwise the taste is lost. It has a sweet spicy taste to it but doesn't make food spicy. Add sweet basil to chicken, fish, and pasta dishes.


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Dill can be bought in seed, fresh or dried form and is considered a cooling herb. It has a simple, fresh taste and should be added to food just before it is served. The fresh herb is the tastiest way of eating dill and offers the most flavor. Add dill to soups, omelets, seafood, potatoes, and rice dishes.


This citrus fruit can add wonderful flavor to chicken and fish dishes. You can add dried lemon or lemon peel to meals, or squeeze fresh lemon on top before eating.


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This herb that can be used as an alternative to strong tasting onions. It provides great flavor and can be added to spreads, soups, salads, sauces, and baked potatoes.


Garlic provides a strong taste without overheating the body, and it offers the most flavor when it is fresh. Garlic powder and garlic salt can also be used. Add it to pasta, rice, chicken, seafood, egg, stews, and more.


Salt should be used in moderation because too much of it can cause further hormonal imbalance. Add just a pinch to your food, to add a pleasant flavor and ensure the food isn't bland.


Alternative Flavorings for Women with Hot Flashes5

Sage is a member of the mint family and is available in leaf and ground form. It is regularly used to add flavor to stuffing, fish, sauces, and salads and can enhance almost all meats. Sage is also said to have many other health benefits, so using this in your food can benefit you in various ways.

More Information

Avoiding spicy food is just one lifestyle change you can make to reduce the severity and frequency of your hot flashes. To learn about other lifestyle changes and natural herbal remedies to treat hot flashes, follow this link.

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