Dealing with Your Kids during a Hot Flash Episode

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


One of the most common menopause symptoms is hot flashes. However, just because they are common doesn't make them any easier to deal with. If you've ever experienced a hot flash during menopause, you'll know the horrible prickling sensation as heat creeps over your entire body, working its way up to your neck; you'll know the burning on your skin and the clammy sweat that forms on your forehead, hands, and your whole upper body.

Dealing with Your Kids during Hot Flash Episodes

You'll also know that trying to deal with kids when you are experiencing a hot flash can seem impossible, like being stuck in heavy rush hour traffic. However, with the right knowledge and know how you can learn to cope with your hot flashes, even in the face of a rambunctious kids. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep Calm

Dealing with Your Kids during a Hot Flash Episode

Your hot flashes are likely to be caused by one of two factors: either by hormonal imbalance or by stress, which is common among women who are suffering from menopause. In both cases, it is important to remain calm when you feel like a hot flash episode is coming. The worst thing you can do is let the stress take control of your composure in front of your kids. This will upset them and increase your levels of stress.

While it can be difficult, try to keep calm and stay as relaxed as you can. You can do this by trying to count to 10 and breathing deeply when you feel like you are about to experience a hot flash. This will help to keep you focused on staying calm and collected.

Don't Blame the Kids

If your children are misbehaving or talking back when you're experiencing a hot flash, it can be a difficult moment. It's easier to blame them, as if they were the ones who increased your stress levels and cause a flash, but it is important not to blame them, as that will just worsen your relationship. While hot flashes are annoying, they are better attributed to the natural hormonal changes of menopause. Try to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to prevent hot flash episodes.

Wear Your Kids Out

Dealing with Your Kids during a Hot Flash Episode

If your children are particularly rowdy or get bored easily, then they may not be getting enough exercise. Try taking them out to a park or playground. There, they can play around and wear themselves out without even realizing it. When they get home, they'll be too tired to argue and shout, giving you a more tranquil environment to deal with any hot flash episodes.

Hot flashes can be easily managed during menopause, for both you and your kids. Click on the article below for further information on hot flashes and how to handle it.

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