4 Types of Stretching to Protect Legs from Electric Shocks

By Emily E. and Noelina R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Electric shocks can be unpredictable and spontaneous. However, there are some stretches women can do to help prevent these unpleasant sensations from happening again. Read on to discover four effective stretches for electric shock sensations in the legs.

4 types of stretching to protect legs from electric shocks.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Stretching the hip flexors releases tension in the front of the thighs and, as the name suggests, opens up the hips. This improves blood circulation that may be inhibited from extended periods of sitting. To practice, get down into a lunge with one leg forward, but keep the knee that is forward from extending over the tip of the toes. Lean forward slightly, keeping weight on the front leg. Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.


Heel Drop

This simple stretch focuses on improving blood flow through the calves and ankles, extending up the leg toward the lower half of the body. It also helps to strengthen the Achilles tendon, which can reduce the risk of injury. The heel drop is most easily performed on a stair or other stable, elevated surface. Stand facing forward with both balls of the feet firmly on the surface. Then, slowly slide one heel back to let it drop toward the floor. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds each leg. Don't bounce as this can provoke injury.


Downward-Facing Dog

Yoga poses are recommended for those who have frequent electric shock feelings because they not only stretch and tone the body, but also promote proper breathing techniques to encourage healthy blood flow. To do downward-facing dog, start on the hands and knees, keeping your knees directly under your hips. From there, inhale as you bring your hands straight forward, and exhale while lifting the knees upwards to create an inverted V-shape with the body. Maintain a straight back and try to straighten the legs as far as possible without forcing it. Hold for 30 seconds.


Viparita Karani

Not all stretches that fight electric shocks on the legs have to be strenuous, and this yoga position is an example of that. It is commonly used to combat exhaustion as well as for stress relief. Lie down on your back, and then, lift your legs up against a wall to create a right angle with the body. It is important to keep legs straight and not to let them hang. Stay in this position, counting breath cycles, for at least 10 minutes. Get up slowly upon deciding to rise.


While aforementioned stretches can have wondrous efficacy in decreasing the number of electric shock sensations in the legs, menopausal women who are suffering from this symptom would do best in treating the underlying cause, hormonal imbalance, for permanent relief. Click on the following link to discover natural and effective electric shock sensation treatments so you can be moving your way toward optimal nervous system health in no time.

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