4 Common Symptoms of Electric Shocks

By Emily E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Electric shock sensations, one of the rarer and perhaps the least-understood of all menopause symptoms, affect a large number of women worldwide. Despite their mysterious characteristics, however, learning as much as possible about the circumstances surrounding each episode can put sufferers on the right path toward treatment. Read on to learn about four common symptoms of electric shocks, so that you're prepared if they happen to you.

The most common symptoms of electric shocks include zapping sensations on the head, chest, or extremities

Skin Sensation

Though women may experience the symptoms of electric shocks differently, it is often reported that many feel a zapping sensation on the skin, as if a rubber band were being snapped against it. This usually occurs on the head, chest, or the extremities, like the hands and feet; although it is possible to have the sensation anywhere. For most, these prickling feelings leave as quickly as they come, but their intensity varies between individuals.


Bodily Sensation

As another of the directly physical symptoms of electric shocks, some describe a surging impulse underneath the skin or between muscle tissues. Though more research is needed to fully understand the disorder, it is thought that this sensation could be caused the misfiring of neurons in the nervous system. This surge is similarly unpredictable in its occurrence, though commonly affected areas are the head and upper body.


Onset of Other Menopausal Symptoms

For women who are reaching menopausal age, the direct symptoms of electric shocks might come in conjunction with other symptoms that are typical of this stage of life, and that had not been previously present. Widely considered a symptom of menopause itself, the first signs of this condition are typical of perimenopause and can signal the onset of its side effects, such as hot flashes, night sweats, increased fatigue, weight gain, and more.


Hot Flashes

Because studies of these sensations are few and far between, precise causes and triggers of the symptoms of electric shocks remain unknown. What is known, however, is that many women who experience a regular recurrence of the problem have hot flashes directly after each episode. Electric shocks are, therefore, thought to be closely linked to this most common of menopausal complaints, and are thus a side effect of hormonal imbalance. Rebalancing estrogen levels in particular can have a positive effect on reducing both symptoms.

The symptoms of electric shocks are certainly unpleasant, but many women find them easy to manage and treat with simple lifestyle changes, such as sticking to a balanced diet and maintaining a regular aerobic exercise routine. Women going through menopause may also find it helpful to add one of many natural herbal supplements that can help balance hormonal levels and treat electric shock sensation at the source. Talk to your doctor at the first sign of symptoms so that relief is never far away.

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