4 Supplements to Manage Electric Shocks

By Emily E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Electric shocks may be fleeting, but that doesn't make them less uncomfortable - and to make matters worse, it's often impossible to say when the prickling feeling will strike. Thankfully, for most women, this condition is manageable through lifestyle changes, like diet modification and exercise. For an extra boost of good health, however, dietary and herbal supplements could make all the difference. Read on to learn about four supplements for electric shocks that could reduce both these symptoms and others that usually come with it.

Foods and supplements that contain Omega 3 can help to manage electric shocks


When thinking about how to manage this condition, it's helpful to remember that the two main systems involved are thought to be the nervous and endocrine systems. Supplements for electric shocks should try to benefit these areas, which is why omega-3 fatty acid supplements are great for the nervous system. Though this nutrient can also be eaten in foods like fish, nuts, and seeds, tablet forms offer a tasteless, controlled dosage that will ensure that it is absorbed fully for optimal functioning.



Also great for the nervous system, magnesium supplements for electric shocks go above and beyond by keeping bones as strong as possible - half of all magnesium in the body is stored in this structure. Of particular interest to those experiencing zapping sensations, the other half is stored in muscle tissue and organ cells, meaning that a healthy amount of the mineral directly contributes to affected areas and may help to reduce symptoms.


Black Cohosh

Especially for women going through menopause, research points to hormonal imbalance as the main cause of this disorder, causing a myriad of side effects. As estrogen levels dip, phytoestrogenic herbs like black cohosh can help to raise levels of the hormone and decrease the severity of symptoms by adding plant-based estrogens into the body.

This herbal supplement is frequently prescribed to alleviate hot flashes, for which electric shocks are sometimes a precursor. If the two are as directly linked as studies suggest, fewer recurrences of one will result in fewer recurrences of the other.


Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)

A popular staple supplement for those following a vegan diet or suffering from celiac disease, more and more research is linking subclinical and surprisingly common cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiencies with different neurological symptoms, ranging from memory lapses to “needle-like” sensations to electric shocks. Since many women develop malabsorption problems during menopause, it is not uncommon for them to end up with a slight deficiency in this essential vitamin.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise, supplements for electric shocks might be just the thing to overcome the problem and stop the anxiety of waiting for another episode. Talk to a health care professional today to find the right combination of treatment methods you need for a calmer body and mind.

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