3 Ways to Cope with Early Menopause

By Samantha S. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Menopause can be very difficult to handle at times. With the hormonal fluctuations and the rapid changes to your body, it can be challenging, no matter how prepared you may be. But when you are experiencing early menopause, it can be an even greater struggle.

Although it is uncommon for women to experience early menopause in their 20s, even experiencing it in your 30s or early 40s can be devastating. Even while facing these hormonal changes, there are ways you can cope with early menopause.


Get Plenty of Exercise

3 Ways to Cope With Early Menopause

Unfortunately, early menopause is irreversible. However, there are things you can do to make it more bearable. Exercising thirty minutes a day, five days a week, can have positive effects on your overall health, which can help manage your menopausal symptoms. Going for a jog, doing yoga, or even taking your dog on a walk through the park can be great options.


Eat Well

3 Ways to Cope With Early Menopause

When early menopause sets in, your body may not feel the way you want it to. You could be suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and other unpleasant symptoms. At this time, it's especially important to take care of yourself, which includes eating well. Remember to eat a balanced diet with the proper nutrients. This can help manage some of your worst symptoms, or at least reduce their severity. Reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake is also recommended at this time, since these substances can worsen your symptoms.


Be Kind to Yourself

3 Ways to Cope With Early Menopause3

Early menopause can be incredibly painful to deal with, even looking  beyond the physical symptoms. It is easy to assume that because your symptoms have started early, possibly even before you have had children, you are suffering alone and no one can relate to your struggles. Reach out to a trusted friend or loved one. Even if they have never been through your situation, they can provide you with much-needed emotional support. And remember to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself the way you would treat a loved one going through something similar. Rest when you need to, spend time with people you care about, and give yourself time to heal. Everyone copes at their own pace. For additional support, don't be afraid to see a professional, even if you just need a safe place to vent.

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