Yoga for Weight Loss during Menopause

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


For those of us who do not have the luxury of being able to afford personal trainers and dietitians, there are several inexpensive things you can do at home to avoid packing on the pounds during menopause, including yoga.

Continue reading to find out more about yoga for menopause weight gain, including a couple at-home poses, so you can transition into your twilight years healthily and happily.

yoga for menopause weight gain

How Does Menopause Weight Gain Happen?

When women reach their 50s, it is common for their bodies to start slowing down as they transition out of their fertile years and into a new stage.

Most significantly, menopause weight gain occurs as metabolic rates decrease, and lower levels of estrogen encourage body fat to accumulate in one's midsection. However, women do not have to accept these changes and make do, considering them an inevitable part of the aging process.

How Does Yoga Help Menopause Weight Gain?

If you are looking for an exercise that is not only physically, but also mentally beneficial, you may want to consider yoga for weight loss.

Although you might not instantly connect yoga with weight loss, there are many different types with varying levels of intensity that can help you achieve your health goals, such as achieving an optimal weight, improving digestion, decreasing anxiety, and more. You don't need to master it to notice the benefits.

Here are a couple of simple yoga positions that can be practiced from the comfort of your own home:

Utkatasana (chair pose) Yoga for Menopause Weight Gain

  • Start standing upright in Tadasana (mountain pose), arms perpendicular to the floor.

  • Exhale and bend your knees, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Knees should be over the feet and your torso lifted.

  • Tuck your shoulder blades down and back towards the midline, and lift your arms to the sky. Keep your spine long, and squeeze your buttocks.

  • Hold for 30 seconds to a minute if you can. Then, straighten your knees and inhale. Return to mountain pose and exhale.

This pose helps strengthen the hamstrings, quads, and glute muscles.

Bitilasana (cow pose) Yoga for Menopause Weight Gain

  • Begin in a tabletop position with your hands directly below shoulders and your knees below the hips. Center your eyes on the floor.

  • Inhale, tuck your tailbone upwards as you push your belly downwards. Raise your head to look straight in front of you.

  • Exhale; return to tabletop. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

This yoga pose gently massages the abdominal muscles, thus improving digestion.

More Menopause Weight Loss Techniques

For more information about weight gain treatments during perimenopause, click on the previous link. There you will find comprehensive information on natural and effective options that will help you stave off not only the extra pounds, but other pesky symptoms keeping you from enjoying your life.

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