The Best Natural Remedies for Combating Weight Gain

By Jessica C. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Weight gain can be distressing, and there are a number of reasons that it could happen, including lifestyle, illness, hormonal imbalances, genetics, and stress. Most of the time, it is a number of these factors working together that causes the weight gain. With regards to reversing weight gain, the “perfect formula” is different for each person, with some finding it easier to shift the pounds than others. In most cases, however, the key to managing weight gain is healthy lifestyle choices. Read on for a list of the best natural and non-invasive remedies for combating weight gain.

The Best Natural Remedies for Combating Weight Gain

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are the cheapest and healthiest place to start when trying to combat weight gain.

Don't skip breakfast

Snacking is often weight gain's invisible best friend, and skipping breakfast is just going to encourage more of it. Fiber keeps the stomach feeling fuller for longer, so it is a good idea to get fiber in the morning in order to be sustained until lunch. Eating breakfast also means that you can fill your body with energy-inducing nutrients and feel less sluggish, meaning you are more motivated to continue with your fight against weight gain. Good sources of fiber are wholegrain bread or cereals, fruits, oats, and beans.

Drink plenty of water

Water is an appetite suppressant and can fool your body into thinking it is fuller than it really is. Therefore, by drinking water regularly throughout the day, those hunger pangs are going to occur less frequently, making you less likely to reach for an unhealthy snack. Aim to drink at about 2 liters every day and use it to replace fizzy drinks, which are full of sugar and will contribute to weight gain. If you can't live without some fizz in your life, try some carbonated water with a splash of 100% pure fruit juice.

Get more active

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than those burned, so exercise is essential for losing weight and keeping it off. An active lifestyle will result in a better overall sense of well-being, as exercise encourages the release of endorphins, natural “feel-good” neurotransmitters. It is recommended that adults do 20 - 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are a helpful option for combating weight gain.

There are some natural herbal remedies available that, when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, can reduce weight gain, and these can be included in food or drunk as a tea. For example, green tea is a mild appetite suppressant and diuretic. Bitter herbs, such as chamomile and dandelion root, stimulate intestinal secretions and promote fat and cholesterol breakdown. For best results, these should be drunk just before eating. Drinking herbal teas increase fluid intake, too, naturally making you less hungry.

Herbs can also be used in spices to incorporate into meals. Spices, such as ginger, can be used in cooking to enhance digestion and also encourage saliva and intestinal secretions. In addition, herbs can be added to sauces or salads to help decrease weight gain.

Although combating weight gain can seem like a daunting task, it can be a painless process if you are prepared to make gradual changes to your life that are going to reduce weight gain permanently. Crash diets and surgical “quick-fixes” are tempting, but nothing is going to have lasting effects in the absence of a healthy and active lifestyle. To save yourself the money and pain, it is best to just start with the least invasive method.

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