Is My Underwear Causing Vaginal Dryness?

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


While underwear is not the cause of vaginal dryness, improper usage may exacerbate the condition. Luckily, vaginal irritation and itching can be somewhat alleviated by making smart underwear and vaginal health choices.

Keep reading to find out why it's not your underwear causing vaginal dryness and the best underwear to prevent aggravation of the condition for a happy nether regions.

Underwear causing vaginal dryness

If It's Not My Underwear Causing Vaginal Dryness, Then What Is?

Women passing through periods of reproductive significance - think: postpartum and menopause - may experience bouts of vaginal dryness due to erratic fluctuations of hormone levels characteristic of these times.

The principle sex hormone estrogen is responsible for the upkeep of vaginal health. As such, drastic alterations of the hormone can lead to thinner, dryer, less elastic, and less lubricated vaginal walls. When you pair these hormonal changes with improper underwear choice, it is a recipe for consistent vaginal irritation.

So, Which Underwear Is Right for Me?

To avoid irritating your genital area further, search for comfortable fit styles that have the following characteristics:


Women should look to avoid synthetic fibers, which can trigger chafing and redness, especially if worn for extended periods of time, and do not allow your vagina to breathe, trapping in heat and moisture.

Stick to breathable cotton instead, which assists with preventing yeast infections due to its absorbency. 


Avoid regular use of thongs, g-strings, or any style of underwear that wedges fabric closer into your butt cheeks. These kinds of designs can also cause chafing and lead to an infection from cutting into your rectum.

If underwear lines are a concern, opt for seamless designs that make it easy to conceal under clothes.

Other Vaginal Health Considerations

In addition to heeding underwear guidance, women should avoid douching or washing their vaginas with harsh soaps or creams. Instead, take care of your genitals in a more natural manner, washing the self-cleaning intimate area with water only.

This will ensure that you avoid disrupting the delicate balance of the bacteria and other organisms that keep it clean naturally.

How Can Vaginal Dryness be Cured?

For women suffering from vaginal dryness due to hormonal imbalance, taking aforementioned underwear measures will not be enough to rid themselves of the symptom. Therefore, there are numerous vaginal dryness treatments at their disposal for ultimate relief, beginning with lifestyle changes that involve an optimized diet, regular exercise, and wholesome habits to a broad range of natural and alternative medicines.

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