Night Sweats on a Weekend Getaway

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Night Sweats on a Weekend Getaway

You and your partner have decided to go on a romantic weekend getaway. As you arrive at the breathtaking, oceanfront villa all you can think about is spending the next couple of days relaxing and basking in the sun. But, as night falls, you are back to your old routine of night sweats and insomnia.

However, there are a few practices that may help you prevent some night sweats from ruining your weekend getaway.

Avoid Exercising Before Bed

Night Sweats on a Weekend Getaway

Exercising is an integral part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Developing a regular routine has also shown to help alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause. Yet, there is a caveat. If you exercise late at night or too close to your bedtime you may end up triggering a night sweat. All the excess energy and exertion can excite the body and lead to more frequent and severe night sweats. To ensure you sleep well at night, try to work out before 5 p.m.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Although spicy foods taste great, they can make your body temperature rise and ignite a night sweat. You know the feeling after you've eaten something that was entirely too hot - your mouth is on fire, eyes watering, ears and nose burning, and sweat dripping down your face - your entire body feels like it's hot and the sensation can last for hours after you've eaten. Avoid the discomfort of eating something too hot and night sweats by staying clear of spicy foods. Still try new dishes on your vacation, but make sure they aren't too spicy.

Avoid Long Baths

Night Sweats on a Weekend Getaway

You may be tempted to relax in a long, hot bubble bath with your partner during your romantic getaway. This might not be the best idea because the hot water and heat from your partner's body will raise your body's temperature. If you are going to bathe before bed, try using lukewarm water or take a cool shower. This will help keep your temperature at a comfortable level and won't provoke any night sweats.

Avoid Alcohol

After all, you are there to de-stress, relax, and enjoy the company of your partner. However, it is best to go light on the alcohol, or better yet, just avoid it. Alcohol can trigger night sweats in women who are menopausal. Instead of an alcoholic beverage choose sparkling water or a fresh-fruit juice. Not only is this a much healthier option, but it will also keep you cool during dinner and may help you stay cool in bed.Follow the link below to know more about how to handle night sweats.

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