Do Not Disturb: How Not to Wake Your Partner up during Night Sweats

By Rebecca S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Night sweats are already ruining your daily eight hours of sleep, and you don't want them to ruin your partner's as well. What can you do to find relief from your night sweats without waking up your partner?

How Can I Prevent Night Sweats?

The best way to prevent night sweats from occurring is to treat the hormonal imbalance that causes them. You can try making simple lifestyle changes, trying alternative medicines, or talking to your doctor about medical options. You should avoid environmental and behavioral factors that trigger night sweats such as cooking, eating spicy foods, and drinking hot beverages like tea right before going to bed.

While these changes can help reduce the frequency of night sweats, they may not stop them completely. In the event that a night sweat occurs, here are four things you can do to avoid disturbing your partner.


Keep a Glass of Water Next to the Bed


The number one thing you can do to cool down after a night sweat, and prevent another one from occurring, is to stay hydrated. Keep a big glass of water near your bed to avoid constantly getting up during the night when you are thirsty.


Consider Separate Bedding


You and your partner don't have to sleep in separate rooms, just try using separate blankets and sheets. If you have full control over how many blankets you sleep with, you will be able to help regulate your body temperature and prevent from overheating. The best part is that while you're taking the covers on and off, your partner won't feel a thing!


Listen to Music

If you just can't fall back asleep after a night sweat episode, put on your head phones and listen to some relaxing music. Unlike reading a book or watching TV, your own digital music player does not require lights or create a lot of noise.


Keep the Door Open


If you really feel you must get out of bed and head to the kitchen or bathroom after a night sweat episode, try to minimize the noise you make by planning ahead and leaving the bedroom door open. This way you can crawl out of bed and creep out of the room without disturbing your partner.


The above article provides tips for dealing with night sweats in your daily life. It does not address the root cause of the problem: hormonal imbalances. Click on the following link to read more about treatments for night sweats.

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