Low Libido in Young Women

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


According to two studies conducted in the United States, there are many reasons for young women to have a low libido. Both Obstetrics and Gynecology magazines and the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health have found that a significant proportion of women as young at eighteen have had or are currently experiencing low libido.

Why Have I Lost My Libido?

There are essentially two reasons a woman loses sexual desire: a lack of psychological desire for sex or a lack of a physical response to sexual stimulation. These two reasons are like broad umbrellas which encompass complex causes for low libido. Below you can find a list of some of the things that may be affecting you and your sexual relationship:


A long-lasting Relationship

Low Libido in Young Women

Even if you are madly in love with your significant other, a long-term relationship can be trying on your libido. Without that sense of novelty which accompanies a new relationship, you may take your partner's physical attractiveness for granted. Try to rekindle the flame with new tricks in the bedroom to see your long-term lover in a new light.


Hormonal Birth Control

Low Libido in Young Women

While it's great for women's sexual freedom, birth control can actually disrupt a woman's sex drive. It's important to remember that when birth control affects the process of conception, it's taking away one sexual desire.



Low Libido in Young Women

Another type of medication that can alter your sexual desire is prescribed antidepressants. Many antidepressants can cause many side effects that lead to low libido, including difficulty achieving lubrication and orgasm in women.


Personal Issues

Low Libido in Young Women

It may sound crazy, but we live in an environment that's increasingly influenced by the media. Comparing yourself with someone who has a makeup artist, a hairstylist, and a personal trainer on-call will have a negative effect on self-esteem. Everyone has aspects of his or her appearance that they'd love to change, but it is these qualities which make us unique. Celebrate individuality to boost your body image and sex drive.


Difficulty Achieving an Orgasm

If you're a woman who's never had much trouble reaching that sexual peak, the act may become unappealing once you discover that it doesn't come as easy as it used to. However, there are many ways to enjoy sensuality and intimacy.

More Information about Low Libido in Young Women

While there are medications for women with low libido, it's important to first try the least invasive treatment. Try to find a great sex therapist to see if you can work out the issues in your sex life naturally.

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