Low Impact Exercises to Help with Joint Pain

By Leigh K. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Many people are under the impression that exercises should be avoided if they suffer from joint pain. However, some types of exercise can actually help to relieve your joint pain, on top of providing the health benefits of physical activity. Keep reading to discover five low impact exercises you can do to lessen the pain in your joints.


Step Aerobics

Low Impact Exercises to Help with Joint Pain1

Step aerobics is one exercise that can help joint pain while also getting the heart pumping. The exercise involves stepping up and down from a platform, usually to a choreographed routine. There are two ways to do step aerobics, depending on your preference. If you prefer exercising on your own, there are many workout DVDs available for purchase to exercise along to. If you prefer a more social experience, or to feed off the energy of a crowd, then seek out the nearest step aerobics class.



Low Impact Exercises to Help with Joint Pain2

Walking is an excellent way to improve your overall health, and it has the added bonus of being free or charge and easy to do anywhere. Walking at a speed that feels comfortable to you will allow you to reap the benefits of exercise and will also provide relief from joint pain. Add more walking to your daily routine by walking to work instead of driving or by getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way.



Low Impact Exercises to Help with Joint Pain3

Swimming is a fantastic exercise to do if you suffer from joint pain because buoyancy takes the weight and pressure off your joints. Swimming also burns plenty of calories, and it is a great way to stay fit in general. Begin swimming for short distances at a time and gradually work your way up to longer stretches.


Strength Exercises

Strength exercises strengthen your muscles, which is an important element of relieving joint pain. The stronger your muscles are, the greater ability they will have to absorb the shock of movement. Try doing squats or machine chest presses for low impact exercises that can help your joint pain.



Yoga is a gentle, slow exercise, so it is an ideal low impact exercise for those who need help with joint pain. Yoga boosts your flexibility and strength without putting too much pressure on your joints. It will also improve your balance and provide relaxation.

Adding low impact exercises to your daily routine can greatly improve joint pain and will increase your fitness and overall health. Though it is true that some exercises can exacerbate the problem, these five should help to relieve pain and prevent future joint discomfort.

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