Top 6 Natural Ways to Cure Irregular Heartbeats

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By Leigh K. and Amy S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia, can be scary and unsettling. However, it is common throughout periods of hormonal imbalance, such as menopause, and usually does not have other, more serious causes. Even though curing irregular heartbeat isn't usually possible without treating the underlying cause, there are things you can do to help it subside right now.

Continue reading to discover the six best natural cures for irregular heartbeat episodes instantly to be on your way to optimal cardiovascular health.

Natural Cures for Irregular Heartbeat

Sitting Down and Breathing

If you begin feeling your heart beating fast, one of the best natural cures is to sit down and do some breathwork.1 You may also elevate your feet from the ground or close your eyes. As you inhale deeply and slowly, focus on taking long, steady breaths. Y should see your heartbeat return to a normal pace within a few moments.


Doing a Vagal Maneuver

For some types of rapid heartbeat, doing a vagal maneuver might help slow down the heart rhythm.2 To do it, hold you breath and bear down as if you were having a bowel movement. Hold for 20 seconds, then exhale. Check with your doctor if vagal maneuvers are suitable for your heart arrhythmia.


Splashing Your Face

Splashing your face with ice-cold water works similarly to vagal maneuvers by stimulating the vagus nerve to take regulate the heartbeat. You may also choose to soak a towel in an ice-cold water and then place it on your face.2


Improving Your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are important elements in maintaining healthy blood vessels and a regular  heart rhythm.3 So, load up on oily fish, nuts, and seeds as well as lean protein and complex carbohydrates for optimal heart nutrition.


Getting Enough Sleep

Most adults require around eight hours of sleep each night to function at their optimum ability, but they rarely get enough sleep.4 Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality increase your risk of arrhythmia and cardiovascular disease.5


Releasing Stress

Stress is a known factor contributing to the development of arrhythmia as well as triggering its episodes.6 To counteract these effects, engage in a hobby, get involved in volunteer work, practice meditation, or take time out of each day to do something you truly enjoy.


Although the aforementioned natural cures for irregular heartbeat might bring immediate relief, women should first undergo testing to determine the cause and type of their cardiac irregularities. In menopausal women, the most common culprit is hormonal imbalance, which they are encouraged to address with a variety of effective irregular heartbeat treatments. Click on the preceding link to find out how to take care of your heart today!

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