5 Basic Supplies for Female Incontinence

By Emily E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


When suffering from female incontinence, it can be stressful to stray too far from the bathroom. Life, however, usually gives us other plans, and the right incontinence supplies can make all the difference between cool comfort and embarrassment in public settings. With so much on the line, which products are tried and true? Read on to find out about five things you might need that can keep your bladder under control.

5 Basic Supplies for Female Incontinence

A Water Bottle

It seems logical to think that lowering liquid intake would solve incontinence issues: less fluid in the body, less chance for it to leak out. Water is, however, one of the most crucial incontinence supplies. Dehydration can quickly reduce the bladder's capacity to hold the fluids it receives, because it makes bladder tissues to become less flexible, worsening the symptom rather than helping with it.Experts recommend drinking four 16-ounce glasses of water per day - though no more - to keep all systems functioning as they should.


An Oversized Handbag

Perennially in style, an oversized handbag can also hide a treasure trove of incontinence supplies when you're on the go. Roll up a pair of jeans to tuck in the bottom in case of emergencies, and stock discreet inside pockets with extra absorbent products so you'll always be prepared. Large bags come in every shape and color, making it easy to find one that suits your preference.


Absorbent Products

Nowadays, absorbent products can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can fit any personal needs, from thick pads and briefs to thinner liners. Incontinence supplies are often specially made to hold more moisture than those used for menstruation, so accidents are unlikely once you've chosen your favorite style.


Cotton Washcloths

A sometimes-overlooked side effect of female incontinence is skin irritation, which occurs due to constant dampness and the need to wipe more frequently than usual. Cotton washcloths can help to minimize the problem, as they are softer than typical toilet paper and let the skin breathe.Different types of disposable wipes can also work well, but it's best to avoid baby wipes in particular, since they often contain alcohol that can dry out the skin.


Bed Pads

Unfortunately, incontinence can strike at any hour, and often women find that sleep will not stave off an accident. Luckily, they can count bed pads among incontinence supplies that are easy to find. Available in stores and online, bed pads cover the mattress and soak up overnight leakage while remaining dry to the touch. They are washable and portable as well, making trips and vacations away from home stress-free.

With the right materials in hand, any woman can feel confident to live life as she normally would without worrying about her bladder. Together with a balanced diet and regular exercise, these incontinence supplies can help you to spend your time away from home doing something you love instead of running to the bathroom. Try them out today!

For further information on how to manage incontinence follow the link below.

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