Will Yoga Prevent My Hot Flashes?

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Lifestyle changes can minimize hot flashes, and regular exercise is a good way to prevent hot flashes and boost overall health. This is because hot flashes are often triggered by stress, anxiety, and fatigue, which all can be reduced through exercises such as yoga. This is turn will ease hot flashes.

Certain yoga poses are especially effective against hot flashes.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is considered an effective form of exercise for combating hot flashes. Research has shown that yoga is just as effective as other wellness activities and exercises when it comes to preventing hot flashes. The weird and wonderful poses that make up a yoga class are beneficial because they help release stress and anxiety, which each can cause hot flashes if left unchecked.

What Yoga Moves Are Effective?

Yoga is a complex and difficult exercise to do. If you are unfamiliar with this practice then you should attend a class before attempting it at home. However, there are a few positions that are simple enough to do at home, so grab your yoga mat and follow these simple tips to learn a new yoga position.

Downward-facing dog


Lay on the floor with your hands and knees touching the ground. Stretch out your arms and relax your upper back.


Breathe out and lift up your knees so that you are now standing flat on your feet. Bring your back towards your pelvis. Your arms and back should form one line. Put your head in-between your arms.


Stretch your legs so that your body forms an angle. Your head should now hang between your arms in a relaxed state and your feet should be flat on the floor.


Once you have held this position, stretch out your arms further until you reach a comfortable position from where you can breathe in and out through the stomach. Ensure you stay stretched out and don't let your back drop in the middle. Concentrate on your breathing and stay in this position for a minute. Once you have mastered this pose you can stay in it for longer.

Legs up the wall


For this pose you will need to find a ten foot long space next to a wall and two towels to provide back support. Fold the towels so they make a good backrest and place them far enough away from the wall so that if you lay down with your but touching the wall and your legs resting against the wall your back is protected.


Extend your legs in one smooth movement onto the wall so that your heels are touching. Try to get your bottom as close to the wall as possible so that you create an "L" shape with your body, but make sure you are still comfortable and not in pain. Bend your knees slightly so your knees aren't locking out the kneecaps. Always ensure that your bottom is not on the towels, so that just the arch of your back is supported.


Don't let your chin fall towards your neck. Lift up your chin so that it is in line with your spine. You can also stretch out your arms so they are in a comfortable and relaxed position.


Cover your eyes with a small towel so that they can remain closed for the duration of the pose. Keep your legs relatively firm throughout and put your arms out beside you with your palms facing upwards.


Once you have stayed in this position for anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, bend your knees so that your feet are against the wall. Then roll onto your right side and rest there for several more minutes. Then you can return to a sitting position against the wall where you should remain for another few moments.


Hot flashes can be a frustrating thing to deal with and they can impact quality of life. Practicing yoga and other stress relief techniques is a good measure to take in order to prevent and minimize hot flashes.

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