Top 4 Relaxing Techniques That Relieve Hot Flashes in Women

By Gina C. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


When hot flashes surge in, it may seem impossible to cope with them. There are; however, a range of ways to keep your body cool, your heart rate regular, and your sweating and discomfort to a minimum. Keep reading to learn more about relaxing techniques to reduce hot flashes.

Top 4 Relaxing Techniques That Relieve Hot Flashes in Women1


Meditation focuses the mind, relaxes the body, and keeps you in touch with your breath. Hot flashes are often accompanied by anxiety and a feeling of panic, but this can be avoided. Start by closing your eyes and noticing your natural breath. Then start taking deep belly breaths by inhaling for five seconds, and exhaling for five seconds - make sure your belly is rising and falling. If thoughts or worries arise, that is okay; simply observe and return to your breath. Continue for at least 10 minutes, but preferably 20 minutes or more.

Practicing regularly will be more effective than suddenly trying when your hot flash comes. This is a positive way to relax and keep your composure, and it can also be practiced for each and every menopause symptom.



If you are more visual, it can be effective to employ the imagination when a hot flash storms in. The ability to imagine is not just for kids - putting yourself in a cool and open environmental mentally can actually help soothe your burning body and regulate your emotions. This is especially helpful if you are not able to easily step out into the open at the time of attack.

Again, close your eyes and imagine yourself catching snowflakes on a winter day or sitting atop a snow-peaked mountain. Or, you can visualize the color blue, as it is cool and calming. Then, feel the cool breath entering your body for your inhales, and the heat escaping your body through your exhales. Release here.


Keep an Ice Pack

This technique is great when utilized with visualization or meditation practice, but it can also manage some symptoms on its own. This can instantly lower your body temperature and halt sweating. Apply to your forehead, cheeks, neck, wrists, and chest to feel relief.If you fear that your ice pack will melt throughout the day, then make sure to have a battery powered handheld fan. You will feel much more secure this way.


Aromatherapy Massage

Stress can contribute to the intensity and frequency of hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. A massage once a week with fragrant essential oils - such as rose, jasmine, lavender, and primrose - is great relaxation tool. The combination of these two calming therapies can help prevent hot flash episodes.

These techniques for hot flashes may be the key to a cooler future. Do not hesitate to practice and assimilate them into your everyday life, as you will notice tremendous improvement.

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