5 Tips to Help Your Mom's Menopausal Hot Flashes

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Remember how nervous, worried and confused you felt when you started puberty? Now imagine that but in reverse. This is sort of what your mum is going through right now. In a transitional phase called the menopause, something that occurs to women as their bodies prepare for infertility, it is common for them to encounter symptoms like hot flashes. In fact, three out of four women report experiencing this condition during menopause. This sudden onset of heat and increased heart beat is generally the result of hormonal imbalance.


Hot flashes during menopause can be extremely uncomfortable, and even alarming, so read these tips below to show your mother you care about her and her health.


Be Nice to Her

A slightly obvious rule but one that can be hard to stick by if you feel like your mum is taking her frustrations out on you. Try to remember what she's going through and be as caring as you can.


Cook Dinner


Not only will cooking for your mum give her a chance to unwind and relax but it will also simultaneously show her how much you care. When you're preparing the dinner bear in mind nutritional advice for menopausal women, spicy, hot, and heavy foods are a no-no. Instead, cook like it's the hottest day of summer and incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods high in vitamins B and E.


Walk with Your Mom

Going for regular walks with your mum will have multiple benefits. In addition to helping reduce her menopause symptoms, walking will also give you both some quality time together. You'll also be able to keep each other motivated and will consequently soon notice the health benefit.


Tell Her She is a Natural Beauty


Everyone loves a compliment now and then but a heartfelt one coming from your child is bound to mean more. Help boost your mum's mood and self-esteem by reminding her of her natural beauty. Help persuade her to avoid the heat inducing hair dryer and curling iron routine, and opt for a more hot flash-friendly hairstyle.


Go Shopping with Her


Another great way to spend quality time together. Go for a shopping trip with mum to help her find a new wardrobe that not only makes her look great but also helps her feel it too. Seek out light, airy clothing that she can layer or remove according to her body temperature.


Hot flashes are a result of estrogen withdrawal; the key is to find a hormone balance. The least invasive treatments are lifestyle changes and alternative medicines. However, some women may not experience relief from these alone, and may need to talk with their doctor about other treatments including hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Follow the link below for more information about alternative treatments for hot flashes.

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