3 Hot Flash Remedies That Can Be Found in Your Home

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


You may be surprised to hear that finding relief from your hot flashes is easier (and closer at hand) than you think. In fact, you can even find the relief you need in your own home! There are several lifestyle changes that can help you avoid triggering hot flashes such as dressing in layers, utilizing air conditioning, and avoiding hot or spicy foods.

Keep reading below to learn about more hot flash remedies.

What's Behind My Hot Flashes?

While menopausal hot flashes may be triggered by a host of environmental and lifestyle factors, the most common cause of hot flashes is hormone imbalance, particularly changing levels of estrogen. Declining levels of estrogen affects the hypothalamus, which is responsible for moderating body temperature.

The most effective way of relieving hot flashes is to treat their root cause: hormonal imbalance.

Cook Yourself an Estrogen-Boosting Meal

Foods such as apples, rice, tofu, alfalfa, and potatoes can enhance your estrogen levels because they contain phytoestrogenic properties. Phytoestrogens are plant-based estrogens that mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. Therefore, maintaining a diet rich in phytoestrogens will help combat hot flashes by restoring hormone balance.

Keep Yourself Hydrated


It may sound like an obvious solution, but waters health and hormone benefits are often overlooked. Refreshing your body with water will help regulate body temperature. Take time to make sure you're drinking the six to eight glasses needed to keep yourself hydrated.Some women might find it easier to keep track of their water intake by using a cup or thermos that measures how much water they are taking.

Take a Multi-Vitamin or Herbal Supplement

Choosing a supplement that contains vitamins B, C and E will help fight your menopausal hot flashes by providing your body with the essential nutrients it might not otherwise be receiving. Many women also consider taking herbal supplements to combat hot flashes. Black cohosh, dong quai and red clover are well-known herbs for treating hot flashes.


Home remedies, herbal remedies and pharmaceutical options are not mutually exclusive treatments for hot flashes. Many women use a combination of the three approaches to combat their symptoms. Click here to read more information about remedies for hot flashes.

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