5 Ways to Cope with Episodes of Electric Shocks

By Emily E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Electric shock episodes often come about spontaneously and without warning, so it is understandable that those who suffer from them might be overwhelmed by the idea of the next occurrence. There are; however, small changes in habits that can make a big difference when symptoms come about. Read on to learn about five methods you can use to cope with electric shocks.

5 Ways to Cope with Episodes of Electric Shocks

Remember That it's Perfectly Normal

Electric shock episodes may seem a rare thing those who experience them, but their occurrence among menopausal women has become so noted as to gain classification as a regular symptom of this period of life. For many, reminders that electric shocks are a normal part of menopause can help relieve the stress they cause, and lower stress levels can mean fewer episodes.


Practice Deep Breathing

As stress counts itself among the leading triggers for electric shock episodes, anything that provides greater peace of mind can make all the difference toward lessening symptoms. Deep-breathing practices, such as those done in yoga, can help calm the body until shock sensations subside by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain. Regular practice will make this strategy easier to use in fighting electric shock symptoms.


Have a Healthy Snack

The exact causes of electric shock episodes are not fully understood, but current research suggests that misfiring neurons in the nervous system might be to blame. Having a healthy snack that's nutrient-rich can give the body the dietary surge it needs to overcome an episode. Nuts and seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids to support cardiovascular processes, and they are easy to keep on hand.


Grab a Cup of Tea

Caffeinated beverages can worsen symptoms overall, so substituting morning coffee for decaffeinated tea can protect against electric shock episodes while fulfilling the hot-morning-drink craving for most. Particularly for those going through menopause, green tea is the best option, as it is packed with phytoestrogens to balance out the side effects of hormonal imbalance.


Talk to a Friend or Loved One

Uncomfortable conditions like this one are hard enough to handle without the added burden of isolation. Finding someone to lend a sympathetic ear can make it that much easier to deal with electric shock episodes and inspire women to get the help they need. Friends and family can be relied upon for this kind of emotional support, an essential element to any treatment process.

Coping with electric shock episodes may not come easily at first, but the simple solutions listed above can help provide momentary if not long-lasting relief from their unpleasant consequences. Try these strategies find out which work best for you, and talk to your doctor about the possibilities of an underlying condition, so that you can properly treat the symptom.

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