Early Menopause Risks and Side Effects

By Menopause Now Editorial Team | Updated: Aug 02, 2016

Women are emotionally impacted by early menopause

When young women are diagnosed with early menopause, they often wonder how it will affect their lives.

Aside from the emotional impact that comes with early menopause, women will have to deal with a series of physical changes. In some cases, these changes may increase a woman's risk for certain side effects.

Learn more about the risks and side effects young women have to deal with when they enter early menopause, both in the short and long term.

Risk and Side Effects of Early Menopause

Estrogen, the most important female hormone, plays a role in regulating many different functions throughout the body. When estrogen production diminishes, women often feel the effects immediately.

In young women facing early menopause, this decrease in estrogen levels represents a great risk of developing other health conditions.

Age and Menopause Symptoms

Early Menopause and Infertility

For many women experiencing early menopause, possible infertility can be one of the most negative aspects of premature or early menopause. The physical aspects of early menopause can be tolling for women, but some may begin this transition before they have had families of their own. Depending on the factors that triggered the early onset of menopause, it can either drastically decrease a woman's chances of conceiving or even eliminate the possibility altogether.

Although 6 - 8% of women with premature ovarian failure have conceived, the risk of early miscarriage is extremely high, which is why women in the risk group of early menopause should take fertility tests to determine their chances of conceiving. If natural conception is not possible, egg donations could be a viable choice for many women.

As noted, early menopause has many serious risks and side effects. To take control, first women need to be informed about what is happening to them and all the different possibilities available to them for relief. To get more information about the different approaches to face early menopause, please follow the link to the section of early menopause treatments.

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