5 Diet Changes to Stop Dizziness in the Mornings

By Emily E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


An episode of dizziness can be distracting at any time of day, but when experienced right after waking up, it can sometimes ruin your whole day. Luckily, there are small things you can do early on to keep episodes at bay and get going with your normal routine. Read on to learn about five dietary changes that will help stop dizziness in the mornings.

5 diet changes to stop dizziness in the mornings.

Nix the Coffee

Though many need on a jolt of java to start their day off right, coffee can actually worsen dizziness in the mornings and throughout the day. Caffeine is, particularly dehydrating, and a dehydrated state can easily trigger a dizzy spell. Additionally, caffeine reliance – it is an addictive substance – can cause crashes and the need to take even more, triggering a vicious cycle that is best avoided.


Sip Ginger Tea

On the other hand, some hot beverages can have the opposite effect on dizziness in the mornings. Replace the detrimental coffee hit with naturally rejuvenating flavor. Ginger tea for example, is especially beneficial for women who experience chronic dizziness due to menopause, as the spice contains phytoestrogens, nutrients that supplement dipping estrogen levels in the body. Adding a bit of peeled ginger to boiling water can also provide an energy boost.


Eat More Fruit

Episodes of dizziness and vertigo can be brought on by low blood sugar levels at any point of the day. Many are more susceptible however, to dizziness in the mornings, as fasting overnight can cause normal sugar levels to dip much lower than is advisable. Fruit contains several natural sugars that can put blood glucose back where it should be. The variety available is also endless – from oranges to apples to bananas, picking a favorite should be no struggle.


Make an Omelette

Highly customizable and delicious, omelettes are the perfect breakfast food. They offer a great way of getting important nutrients into your system early on and forestalling morning dizziness. Their egg base provides the protein needed for feeling full and energized all day long. What's more, easy add-ins such as spinach, mushrooms, and onions will help eliminate deficiencies in iron, magnesium, and potassium.


Skip the Breakfast Sandwich

Those who suffer chronic dizziness in the mornings might be aware that foods high in sodium should be avoided as much as possible, because excess salt in the body requires extra water to break down, leading to dehydration. Breakfast sandwiches, which often come with cured meat and cheese as well as egg, are packed with sodium and best substituted for other things.

Dizziness in the mornings can be disruptive, but with small dietary changes and an adherence to a regular exercise routine, most will find relief. Talk to your doctor to make sure that it's not symptomatic of a larger issue.For further information on how to deal with this menopausal symptom click here.

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