Yoga for Your Constipation

By Sarah H. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Yoga for Your Constipation1

Due to the stretching and relaxing nature of yoga, it is considered one of the best exercises you can do to relieve constipation. The key to making this workout beneficial for digestive issues is to do Asanas, or yoga poses, that focus on the abdomen. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of yoga and which poses are best for relieving constipation.



Yoga for Your Constipation2

This posture, translated from Sanskrit to mean “wind release," frees bodily gasses trapped in the stomach. It concentrates energy in the core region to relieve constipation and other stomach problems.

Method: Lying flat on your back, draw your knees up to your chest while simultaneously exhaling deeply. Lift your head so that the forehead makes contact with your kneecaps. Hold the pose, and then release slowly.



Yoga for Your Constipation3

Tadasana works well for coaching your body to maintain good posture. Practicing this stance can help realign the spine and reinforce the abdominal wall, thus relieving constipation problems. This movement involves a limited range of motion, but effectively employs the core muscles.

Method: Stand against a wall with your feet together (or separated only a few centimeters if you're a beginner). With your hands facing your thighs and fingers pointing downward, lift the arms several inches away from the sides of your body. Stretch your neck gently, and turn your thighs inward, and tighten the kneecaps and buttocks. Suck in your stomach, and open your chest. Focus on your breathing, and hold this pose for up to one minute.


Kati Chakrasana

Yoga for Your Constipation4

This is a transitional pose that involves two different positions. The kati Chakrasana loosens the core muscles by bending your body backward then forward.

Method: Start this pose standing upright with your hands behind your back. Use your left hand to cuff your right wrist. Slowly bend backward, making sure not to bend the knees, and take a deep breath. Then, exhale and bend forward until your forehead touches your knees. At the same time, interlock your fingers and lift the arms as far away from your back as possible.

More Information about Digestive Problems

Digestive problems like constipation can certainly be caused by a poor diet. Consuming junk food and skipping raw foods and fiber can cause numerous problems in the digestive tract. Follow the links below for more information on digestive problems and how to treat them.

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