5 Diet Changes to Get Rid of Sour Body Odor

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By Emily E. and Noelina R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Changes in body odor affect everyone at some point, but if they lead to an unpleasant smell that is constant or reoccurring, the problem can be frustrating and embarrassing. Sometimes deodorant, breathable clothing, and a daily shower are not enough to combat a strong personal scent.

Continue reading to discover five diet changes to get rid of sour body odor so that you can regain a sense of freshness once and for all.

5 diet changes to get rid of sour body odor

Limit Alcohol

Even though 90 percent of alcohol elimination occurs in the liver, around 2 to 5 percent is released through your sweat, urine, and breath.1 This means that if you consume too much alcohol in one sitting, not only will you have foul-smelling breath, but you may also have sour body odor. Alcohol is also a trigger of hot flashes, which can further contribute to disagreeable smells.


Swap out Red Meat

Studies have shown that red meat consumption can make body odor less pleasant and more intense.2 (In the study, it is undefined whether fish or poultry have similar effects.) In place of red meats, women can consume plant-based proteins of beans, legumes, and nuts as part of a comprehensive menopause diet. If needed, work with a certified nutritionist to ensure that you are meeting optimal dietary standards.


Opt for Water

Beverages that contain caffeine can make people sweat more, thus giving bacteria growing in sweat glands more food and leading to stronger-smelling sweat. A simple solution is to decrease consumption of such drinks and substitute them for water and other decaffeinated beverages to hydrate the body. Try flavoring water naturally with orange, lemon, or lime slices; strawberries; mint; or cucumber for an extra punch.


Consume More Zinc

It has been shown that a zinc deficiency can lead to unpleasant body odor as the essential mineral is needed for proper waste management and detoxification. Therefore, women trying to get rid of sour body odor should opt to consume foods that contain the essential mineral, such as beef, pork, lamb, nuts, legumes, whole grains, spinach, parsley, prunes, and string beans. As read above, try not to overdo it with the red meat as it can reverse your efforts.


Change Seasonings

Sour body odor has been linked to many strong-smelling and spicy foods, to the despair of foodie lovers everywhere. Garlic, onions, curry, and cumin all contain sulfur-like compounds that react with sweat on the skin to produce an unpleasant odor. Opt for seasonings that have beneficial effects on body smell, like mint, citrus, and parsley.

More Information

Trying these suggestions today can help get rid of sour body odor. If dietary and lifestyle changes do not help reduce the scent, it may be time to see your doctor. He or she can help you alleviate your symptoms or diagnose an underlying metabolic disorder causing the disagreeable aroma, such trimethylaminuria (fish odor syndrome).

Nevertheless, a common cause of unexplained sour body odor in menopausal women is hormone fluctuations. In which case, lifestyle changes alongside the use of alternative medicines can be effective. Follow this link for further information on natural treatments for changes in body odor so that you can finally smell fresh once again.

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