How to Spot the Symptoms of Menopause

By Hannah R. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Unfortunately, 70% of women going through menopause will be affected by at least one of its many symptoms. However, whilst some, like night sweats and hot flashes, are more common than others, all are caused by changing hormone levels. Keep reading to discover more about the menopause and its symptoms.

Top 5 most common sympptoms of menopause

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is defined as the time when a woman can no longer produce children and is characterized by the cessation of her menstrual periods. The transitional phase is most commonly experienced by women during their mid-40's or early 50's, and its symptoms can include but are not limited to; night sweats, sleep difficulties, and mood swings.

Identifying My Symptoms

There are a total of 34 menopause symptoms that can affect a woman's life, although not every woman will experience them all to the same degree or intensity. Whilst the majority of women will undergo menopause in their late 40's to early 50's, some might find themselves suffering from menopause after receiving a hysterectomy, or what's known as surgical menopause.

Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Menopause


Hot flashes

Hot flashes are characterized by the sensation of sudden heat felt most keenly in the face, neck, and chest. An individual episode can last between 30 seconds and five minutes. Many women find the symptom to be one of menopause's most unpleasant as the sensation might be accompanied by perspiration and chills.


Night sweats

Night sweats are hot flashes nocturnal equivalent and can cause women to wake in the night drenched in sweat. Most commonly the phenomenon is triggered by fluctuating hormone levels, however, sometimes night sweats can be a sign of other health issues. Consult a doctor if you become concerned by your symptoms.


Mood swings

Mood swings are characterized by sudden alterations in mood and emotional state that can range from periods of happiness to severe anxiety. While the experience might seem disruptive and upsetting, it's important to remember that mood swings are a normal symptom of the menopause. Bear in mind though, that while mood swings are generally triggered by hormonal shifts, they might also be a symptom of a more serious underlying anxiety disorder.


Loss of libido

Loss of libido is a common issue that generally affects middle-aged women more than men. The effects of this menopause symptom can be worsened by triggers such as stress, overwork, and breastfeeding, or physical problems such as pain during sex, arthritis, and fatigue. Fortunately however, libido loss is often only temporary.


Vaginal dryness

One of the more unpleasant consequences of estrogen drops is vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that can persist before, during, and after menopause. It is advisable to discuss treatment options with a doctor if the symptom has a negative effect on your sex life.

Although the menopause can seem like a difficult stage, it's important to remember that the transition is natural and that many treatments exist that can alleviate your symptoms. Follow the link to learn more how to manage each menopausal symptoms.

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