Tingling or Numbness in Hands - Reasons & Prevention

By Fiorella M. | Updated: Mar 14, 2019


Tingling and numbness in hands are among the most painful and distracting side effects of menopause. Characterized by reduced function, sharp pricking sensations, or a general loss of feeling in one or both hands, these symptoms can be quite disparaging. The affliction has; however, proven reversible for many a savvy sufferer. Read on to learn more about what causes numb, tingling hands and how best to prevent them.

A hormonal imbalance during menopause is usually the underlying culprit for tingling hands.

Reasons for Numbness and Tingling

There are many reasons related to numbness and tingling, they are divided in two categories: common and uncommon

Common reason

Although it manifests itself differently in every case, a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or menopause is usually the underlying culprit for tingling hands. Because of it, many women will experience problems with nutrient absorption and fluid retention as they progress through the various stages of menopause, leading to the uncomfortable sensation of throbbing pain or numbness. 

Uncommon reason

  • Neck injury. Such as from poor posture or uncomfortable sleeping can also contribute to the phenomenon. In such cases, it is not uncommon for even a minor injury to cause temporary trauma to a nerve, sending a shooting pain down the arm and straight to the hands. 

  • Diabetes. Disease that affect peripheral nerve, can cause numbness, although with symptoms usually occur first in your feet.

  • Brain problems. In very rare cases, numbness can be caused by problems in your brain or spinal cord, although in such cases arm or hand weakness or loss of function also occurs. 

Preventing Numbness and Tingling 

Prevention is the best line of defense against sore, tingling hands. Start by incorporating regular exercise into your healthcare regimen. Taking just a few minutes throughout the day to stretch your hands, arms, and wrists could help to improve circulation and keep your hands from feeling like they're on pins and needles.

Meanwhile, abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, and b-group vitamins have also been implicated. Thus a well-fortified diet is an essential component of prevention. Foods such as meats, poultry, eggs, milk, and some other dairy products have been naturally-enriched with these essential nutrients.

Relieving Numbness in Hands 

No matter how discouraging or debilitating the affliction can be, sufferers should never underestimate the power of a little rest and relaxation. In fact, best method of action following a tingling attack is to suspend any and all activities related to the episode, allowing the hands the opportunity to recover and protect themselves from further trauma. 

In addition, cold ice compresses and several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also prove useful in helping to ease tingling symptoms. Click through to get a better idea of what else could be related to tingling.

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