Sitting Tips to Stop Tingling Feet

By Leigh K. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Developing tingling feet can be a particular problem if you spend many hours each day sitting at a desk due to work commitments, and as the menopausal transition starts and hormonal imbalance sets in, it can become a much more frequent problem. However, there is no reason to simply accept this symptom, since there are things that you can do to lessen it or prevent it while sitting down. Continue reading to discover the top five tips on how to sit to avoid developing tingling feet.

Sitting Tips to Stop Tingling Feet

Change Positions

If you begin to notice that your feet are starting to tingle or go numb, take care to shift your sitting position immediately. Avoid sitting cross-legged or with your feet tucked under your legs for long periods of time, because this can cause your toes and feet to grow numb. Changing your position often allows circulation to return to blood vessels in your extremities, and it can also prevent nerves from getting temporarily compressed.


Get Up Often

Make sure you take time out frequently throughout the day to get up and walk around. Try to leave your desk at least once every hour in order to stretch your legs. This will stop any blood circulation or nerve compression issues from developing that can set off the tingling feet sensation.


Use Compression Socks

Wearing compression socks can help to increase the feeling in your toes and feet. This is because they stimulate circulation, which in turn decreases numbness and makes the uncomfortable sensation of “a leg falling asleep” less likely. Invest in a few pairs of these socks so you can wear them every day. The more you wear them, the lower your chances of developing tingling feet will be.


Try a Heat Pad

Exposing your feet to the cold can be one of the causes of numbness and tingling. By keeping your toes and feet warm you can prevent this from happening. Wear suitable shoes, or take a heat pad or blanket into the office with you. Be careful with portable heaters, as they can cause circuits to short and shut down your workstation.


Improve your Posture

Maintaining a good posture when sitting down is just as important as when you are standing up. Keep your eyes level with the top of your monitor, and make sure your back is well supported with both feet firmly touching the floor. If your feet can't reach the floor, then use a footstool. Keeping your posture aligned and comfortable will help prevent tingling feet.

Women who spend several hours each day in a sitting position can find that their feet begin tingling on a regular basis. Fortunately, by following and implementing the five tips above, you can reduce the tingling you feel and ensure good blood flow with the smallest inconvenience.

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