5 Sitting Workouts to Prevent Tingling in Arms at Work

By Leigh K. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Maintaining the same position for long periods of time can alter your posture, cause numbness and tingling in your arms, and lead to long term health problems. It can be a challenge to exercise your muscles and prevent these problems if your job requires you to be sitting down for long periods of time. Fortunately, there are some exercises you can do while sitting at work to ensure that you do not experience tingling in your arms.

5 Sitting workouts to prevent tingling in arms at work.

Neck Stretch

Hunching in front of a computer for an extended period of time can cause all sorts of problems for your neck, shoulders, and arms, including tingling sensations. A neck stretch will help to prevent and ease pain. To do a correct neck stretch, sit with your hands on your knees with your palms facing down. Make sure that your neck and head are both aligned with your spine and then look forward. Inhale and exhale deeply, and then drop your right ear to your right shoulder. Hold the position for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the left side.


Wrist Extensions

If the muscles in you forearms get to tight, it can cause pain and tingling. In order to prevent this happening, use a small weight, such as a soup can, and put your hands straight out. Move your hands towards you, so that you bend at the wrist. Then straighten back out your hand. Doing 10 repetitions of this exercise three times a day with each hand can prevent tingling in the arms and relieve numbness in the hands or fingers.


Shoulder Rotations

When sitting down all day in the same position, it is easy to focus on legs and back tension and forget the role play by our shoulders. This part of the body encompasses many nerves and arteries, so foregoing proper posture can cause nerve compression, and thus tingling in your arms. Keep your arms relaxed and straight on your sides. Raise your shoulders and then lower them making a circular motion. Attempt to repeat this exercise twice a day, with ten repetitions each time.


Chin Tuck

Chin tucks can correct many arm problems associated with maintaining a sitting down position for too long. To do a chin tuck, keep your mouth closed, and slowly pull your head backwards. Your chin should get close to your throat. Hold this position for 15 seconds before releasing, then rest 10 seconds and repeat.


Ulnar Nerve Stretch

The ulnar nerve is the nerve that starts in the elbow and goes down the arm to the hand. When compressed, this nerve can create numbness and tingling in your arms. To prevent this from happening, extend your arm in front of you, with your palm facing up. Point your fingers towards the ceiling and then slowly bend your wrist down, straightening your fingers as you bend it. Afterwards, bring your wrist back to the starting position, and repeat the action 10 times.

Working in an environment that involves sitting down for extended periods of time can lead many people to experience tingling in their arms. But by regularly doing the above exercises, you can minimizes your chances of experiencing discomfort from constant sitting. Follow the link below for further information on how to control this and other menopausal symptoms.

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