Best Tips to Prevent Panic Attacks

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By Noelina R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Panic attacks can be a socially debilitating and life-disrupting symptom, even disturbing deep beauty sleep, as is the case with nocturnal panic attacks. Unfortunately, panic disorder and the attacks it triggers cannot be prevented, but there are initiatives women can take to reduce their occurrence and improve the quality of their life.

Continue reading to find out the best tips on preventing panic attack episodes and associated stressors so you can finally welcome a calm demeanor into your life.

Best Tips to Prevent Panic Attacks

Exercise regularly

exercise regularly

Consistent exercise for anxiety not only reduces stress levels, but it will also foster alertness; reduce fatigue; and support overall cognitive function.

Plus, for middle-aged women who are suffering from other menopause symptoms, regular menopause exercise of just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is a building block of endocrine system health. Optimal endocrine health equates to improved mental and overall well-being.

Practice stress-reducing techniques

This should be a given for any woman trying to find out how to prevent panic attacks, especially stress panic attacks, since extreme stress is a risk factor for episodes. 

Stress-reducing meditation, yoga, tai chi, or breathing exercises not only help women ultimately alleviate tension, but they also encourage emotional health, enhance self-awareness, control anxiety, and more.

Other ways to reduce stress levels include partaking in a favorite hobby, going for a walk in nature, playing with one's pet, meeting up with friends, and laughing.

Partake in psychotherapy

partake in psychotherapy

While there are many methods of psychotherapy available for anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been praised by many to be one of the most effective and popular for preventing future panic attacks.1,2,3

CBT works to identify and manage factors leading to anxiety. Psychologists first help women identify destructive thoughts and understand how they lead to panic before showing them how to change their thoughts to be more healthy and constructive.

Stick to a plan

Yes, it is easy for women to get ahead of themselves and instill various techniques when figuring out how to prevent panic attacks. Yet, it is crucial they understand that one or two consistent methods is better than three, four, or five that are later dropped if commitment turns out to be too overwhelming, and the pressure starts causing anxious thoughts.

If needed, try to find an accountability partner who can check in with you every so often to see how you are progressing.

Find treatment

find treatment

Ultimately, the best way to prevent panic attacks from occurring in the future is by treating the underlying cause. For menopausal women, this underlying cause is often hormonal imbalance, which can be nipped in the bud by undergoing panic disorder treatments.

These natural and effective treatment options focus on many of the aforementioned lifestyle adjustments alongside the use of alternative medicine traditionally used for anxiety and other psychological disorders.

For women whose panic disorder is more severe, prescription drugs of antidepressants or sedatives will be discussed by their doctors on a case-by-case basis.


While preventing panic attacks in their entirety isn't feasible, the abovementioned tips will get women rolling into a stable state of mind, a main ingredient needed in the recipe for peak emotional health. Women will soon see that with the right attitude and a little resourcefulness, a cool and calm life is within grasp.

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