6 Relaxing Activities to Reduce Muscle Tension

By Leigh K. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Muscle tension is an issue which many women have to contend with during everyday life. Throughout menopause however, the problem is prone to becoming pronounced because of hormonal imbalances that can lead to a range of stresses and anxieties. It is not uncommon for these anxieties to result in muscle tension. Fortunately, there are methods of easing stress and pain which in turn relieves tension in your muscles. Continue reading to discover the top six relaxing activities for muscle tension relief.

6 relaxing activities to reduce muscle tension


Swimming is not only great for getting in shape, but it's also perfect for reducing stress, anxiety levels and corresponding muscle tension. As swimming is a low-impact exercise, it can also can help you to physically loosen your muscles.


Long Walks

Walking is an inexpensive and easy way of getting exercise that is both relaxing and low impact. Take time to wander around your neighborhood or town and if possible, opt to walk to work. Wherever you walk, try to find relaxing locations. The more relaxed you are, the more your muscle tension will decrease.



Yoga is one of the best exercises for anyone hoping to reduce stress and simultaneously heighten their fitness levels. Seek out a local group, or buy a DVD and practice from the comfort of your own home. Yoga alleviates muscle tension by simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety levels and allowing you to stretch and exercise your muscles.


Listening to Music

Try to make time each day to do something relaxing that you enjoy, such as listening to your favorite music. Listening to music has been shown to have calming and soothing effect on stress levels which consequently causes it to reduce muscle tension.


Hot Baths

Heat can do wonders when used to combat muscle tension. The baths heat helps your blood vessels dilate and increase blood flow, which will in turn, relax muscles and reduce their tension. The process of taking a bath in itself is also perfect for helping women to relax.



Curling up with your favorite book before bed can help you to de-stress, which in turn can help you sleep easier, and reduce muscle tension.

Muscle tension can be very painful and interfering. Fortunately however, there are numerous ways of treating it. The best way to tackle muscle tension is to focus on limiting the stress and anxiety that cause it. By performing the six relaxing activities listed above, you will be able to reduce muscle tension and enjoy a happier quality of life during menopause.

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