Why it's Vital to Manage Your Mood Swing Episodes

By Gina C. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


If you're caught in mood swing episodes, you can begin to lose sight of what is important in your life and what makes you happy. Some people get so used to the pattern that they begin to identify with it. It is very important to not become complacent or discouraged, and to realize just how much your feelings are interfering with your quality of life. Understand your body is going through a lot and there is all the reason in the world to cheer up.

Anxiety and sadness can lead you to resort to fatty foods, sugary foods, and alcohol. These can harm your health.


When you're caught up in your emotions, especially through anxiety, your ability to complete daily tasks goes down. Whether at work, in the house, or out, the simplest duties begin to overwhelm you. You may obsessively worry, which will stop you from actually physically doing anything; as you will not know how to begin or how to approach situations.

The best solution for this is to ease tension in your mind. Practice 20 minutes of deep breathing and meditation every day. Put on soothing music, light a candle, and deeply inhale and exhale, releasing concerns.


Some people going through stages of mood swings forget to express themselves. The activities that fill you with passion and creativity do not seem to matter anymore. Every person has a creative side, whether it be painting, music, dancing, writing, cooking, or decorating. It is so important to practice your craft every day to relieve tension and find enjoyment. Do not let sadness or anxiety get in the way of adding some color and beauty into your world. Your life will not be the same.


When you let depression take over without doing anything about it, you will have sad patches through your day. You may retreat to your room, close the door, and sob. You will become so used to crying all the time that you will not believe there is a way out.

The best way out, though, is to go outside, get fresh air and sun, and be active. Try a 30 minute brisk walk in the park and notice how quickly that changes your mood. The vitamin D from the sun and the physical activity will release serotonin, providing sustained happiness. Do this 3 or 4times a week for a profound shift in your life.


Anxiety and sadness can also lead you to make unhealthy decisions. Some people resort to fatty foods, sugary foods, alcohol, and even drugs to escape what they are feeling. These can harm your health and further agitate your mood swings, making them far more intense.

To feel uplifted, eat a wide array of whole grains, colorful veggies, fruit, and lean proteins. Tofu is a particularly good protein option because it is low in fat and soy is bursting with phytoestrogens - helping to balance your hormone levels.

Also, try herbal teas instead of alcohol. They will provide safe and soothing effects that are long lasting, and they don't have a crash. Damiana and St John's Wort are excellent for chilling out and feeling great.

Understand what you are sacrificing by letting mood swings get the best of you. Your happiness, creativity, and health are extremely valuable and can be compromised and sometimes endangered by mood swings. If you feel you are stuck in an emotional whirlwind, try some of the remedies discussed for a positive shift.

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