My Mood Swings Are Disrupting My Day-to-Day Life

By Samantha S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Affecting over 40% of menopausal women, mood swings are an incredibly common symptom during this transition. However, while they are common, mood swings can negatively impact your personal and professional relationships. Read on to learn how to stop your menopausal mood swings from disrupting your relationships, friendships, work, and family life.


Mood Swings and Your Partner

My Mood Swings Are Disrupting My Day-to-Day Life

You and your partner have been through a lot together. You may have seen each other through the highs and lows of many years. Do not underestimate how understanding he will be if you talk to him about your mood swings, and about how you are feeling. If you feel that your mood swings are getting in the way of your relationship, talk it through with your partner. Explain how your hormonal fluctuations are impacting your mood and apologize if you have been unfair to him. If you keep the lines of communication open, you can find a way to handle your menopausal mood swings together.


Mood Swings at Work

My Mood Swings Are Disrupting My Day-to-Day Life

At work, managing your mood swings will be more important, as your boss or co-workers may be less understanding. However, mood swings can be sudden, unpredictable, and difficult to deal with. Establish a few routines for you that help ease a sudden flash of anger, or inexplicable need to burst into tears. Take a short walk outside the office, get some fresh air, make a cup of tea, or keep an emergency stash of dried fruit and nuts at your desk, to boost blood sugar levels and give you an energy hit.


Mood Swings and Your Friends

My Mood Swings Are Disrupting My Day-to-Day Life

You might even find yourself struggling to control your mood swings around your friends. Hormones have no regard for your lifelong friendship, and may decide to rile you unexpectedly over coffee, or make you break down and weep when she arrives ten minutes late. However, the chances are, your friends are going through very similar experiences that you are. Speak to your friends about their experiences with menopause, and you will laugh about the surprising effects your mood swings can have. Together, you can make it through these inexplicable, unexplained emotions.

Mood swings can be disruptive to all aspects of life. You never know when they are going to hit, or exactly what guise they are going to take. However, it is important not to be worried by them, as they are a normal, common symptom of menopause. Following these suggestions, you will be able to minimize the impact of your mood swings, and be able to get on with your life. For more information about your mood swings, what causes them and how to handle them, click on the link below.

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