How to Cope with Your Wife's Menopausal Mood Swings

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Going through menopause can be an emotional and difficult experience for women. If your partner is experiencing this transition, it's worth learning more about what menopause is and what you can do to be supportive and helpful. Acknowledging and empathising with your significant others experience will help ensure that your relationship stays strong.

By making lifestyle changes, mood swings can be controlled

What Are Menopausal Mood Swings?

It's important to learn about and understand what menopause is so that you can support your partner through it. Menopause is the point in a woman's life when she no longer has menstrual cycles, and suffers from symptoms which can include mood swings.

Mood swings are defined as extreme or abrupt fluctuations in mood. During mood swings, women often experience changes in their emotional equilibrium.

Follow these tips to help your wife with her transition.

Active Listening

Your partner may be experiencing a lot of feelings and symptoms she is uncomfortable with or embarrassed about - while also adjusting to her changing body. It is important to listen to your partner when she talks to you, ask open-ended, non-judgmental questions, and let her know that you are there to support and love her.

Find Enjoyable Activities

Try to find activities that the two of you can do together. Exercise is a great option. Take long walks or attend a weekly fitness class together. The joint activity will be beneficial for both of you and your relationship as the exercise will improve general health and reduce stress levels.

Know When it Is Something More Serious

Your partner may be depressed if she:

  • Is sad for weeks
  • Seems guilt-ridden, anxious, or hopeless
  • Seems easily irritated by others and unable to tolerate people
  • Lacks energy and interest
  • Has unexplained physical changes, like weight loss or gain

Depression can occur on its own or be a symptom of menopause. Whatever the trigger, it is important that you get help if you suspect your wife is suffering from the illness. Consult your medical provider for advice.

Boost Your Sex Life

Make sure that your wife knows you are comfortable talking about sex. Accept that each of you may have changing ideas about what a satisfying sex life is, and discover a shared way of being sexually happy, perhaps through long foreplay or mutual masturbation.

Educate yourself about menopause, listen to your partner, understand and empathize with her, find shared activities: all of these suggestions are practical ways of coping with your wife's menopausal mood swings. By following the above practices you and your partner can ensure that your relationship remains stable and satisfying for both of you.

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