4 Exercises to Prevent Wrist Joint Pain at Your Desk Job

By Leigh K. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Spending eight hours a day tied to a desk can have a dramatically bad effect on your posture. Generally it is your hands and wrists that will end up bearing the brunt of this pressure, especially if your job involves typing. Fortunately though, there are methods of relieving pain in your wrist joints. Continue reading to discover four convenient exercises you can perform in order to prevent wrist and joint pain.

4 Exercises to Prevent Wrist Joint Pain at Your Desk Job

Wrist Stretch

A great method for keeping your wrist joints exercised and pain-free is a simple wrist stretch. This can be done by spreading your fingers out as far as they can go, before tightly clenching your fist. Do this with both hands simultaneously, five or six times in a row, as often as you feel necessary.


Finger Raises

This is a good exercise to repeat during the day in order to stop your hands from tightening up. Place your forearms on the desk and position your right hand partially over the edge. Gently use your left hand to bend your fingers up, stretching your fingers, hand, and wrist. Hold the position for five seconds before swapping arms.


Palm Press

Open one hand up and press your palm onto the edge of your desk for 5 to 7 seconds, stretching your wrists and fingers. Do this one hand at a time, and alternate between hands for three repetitions. Try to do this exercise twice during your workday. This will also allow your eyes a break from the screen.


Arm Roll

Hold your arms out in front of you and bend them at the elbow while forming a fist with both hands. Then roll your knuckles downwards. Hold this position for five seconds before opening your fingers, all the while keeping your fists pointed at the floor. Letting your fingers dangle freely in this position will allow you to experience the stretch across your lower arm muscles.

Finally, without moving your elbows, raise your fingers upwards, until they are pointing at the ceiling. Hold this position for five seconds, and then repeat all steps three times.

Many women experience pain in their wrist joints after spending an extended period of time sitting at a desk. The best way to combat this problem is to take a few minutes every day to perform wrist joint exercises.

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