Things to Look for When Buying Cream for Itchy Skin

By Emily E. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Skin creams come in all shapes and sizes, and trying to find the right one to solve your itchy skin problem can be a daunting task. There are; however, certain factors that everyone should consider before making such a purchase. Read on to learn about five things you should look for when buying a cream for itchy skin to make sure you get it right the first time.

Things to Look for When Buying Cream for Itchy Skin

Smooth Texture

Many marketing campaigns will say that “exfoliating” beads in lotions and creams can aid the skin, but itchy skin creams are best when smooth, since a grainy texture can further irritate rashes and bumps. Finding a brand that glides over the skin will keep dermal troubles at bay without causing further damage.


Appropriate Weight

Creams and ointments come in various densities, from heavy enriched creams to light facial lotions. Itchy skin creams that have more weight to them tend to last longer and are generally more potent, but they also have their disadvantages and are usually reserved for very dry elbows and knees. In contrast, lighter versions are less likely to clog the pores, which may result in slower relief, but are safer to use on your face and other delicate areas. It is important to consider what areas you will be applying your cream and what type of cream would treat those areas best.


The Right Ingredients

When considering itchy skin cream is right for you, it's sometimes more important to think about the ingredients that are missing than those that are present. The best versions are hypoallergenic, avoiding the most common allergens among most people. When this option is unavailable, however, purchasing scentless cream is essential, since they lack aromatic additives that can negatively affect the skin or trigger unexpected allergies.

Likewise, certain components are indispensable. Dermatologists have identified several ingredients as essential to successful moisturizing. Products that contain natural moisturizing factors and aquaporins are more likely to be effective.


Versatile Packaging

Many brands that specialize in itchy skin creams are now offering the same product in multiple sizes, with both oversize containers that give the most bang for your buck and travel-size versions that fit inside the average purse. Opting for a cream that comes in a wide array of volumes will allow for easy application at home and on the go, so the skin will never have the chance to dehydrate or become accustomed to too many different products.


Good Price Point

Effective itchy skin creams do not have to be expensive, and some that are available at lower price points work even better than their costly counterparts. Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are common household products that can work as home remedies and double their value in other areas of life. As low-cost options, anyone can try them on a trial-and-error basis without breaking the bank.

When dealing with chronically itchy skin, finding the right solution fast can make a world of difference to symptoms as well as overall health and well-being. Think carefully about the factors listed above before making your decision and your selection is sure to be a hit.

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